Friday, March 16, 2007

Carla in Italy

Star Studio Magazine's March 2007 issue included one page of photos from Carla's trip to Italy.

The article is entitled Side Trip: Carla Humphries takes a side tour of Venice and Rome. The article also says that Carla was in Italy to visit her brother.

First Day High. An excited Carla in front of St. Peter's Basilica in rome. She was in Europe to visit her brother who was studying in Italy.

* * *

Fountain of Youth [top left]. Piazza Navona is a favorite spot of children. No Postcard [right]. Carla took these pictures of the Colosseum and the Statue of David in Firenze. Street Art [bottom left]. This Venetian street is home to many painters selling their art to tourists.

* * *

Missing Home [top]. Missing the warmth of the Philippines at Trinita Dei Monti, Piazza di Spagna. Cycling Pros [bottom]. Biking in Prato Della Valle in Padova with her brother's girlfriend.

* * *

Night Tour. Carla drops a coin and makes a wish at Fontana Di Trevi.

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