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Carla in Abt Ur Luv - Epi 16

Episode Title: Thursday Triangles

This blog entry contains episode highlights related to Carla's character, Brenda.


Brenda and her mother are at the administration office of their subdivision. Sonia is signing paperwork so they can move to a smaller house, because it will help with their money problems.

When Brenda seems unhappy, Sonia misunderstands and at first is impatient, until her daughter finally reveals that Celine and Stick had a thing.

Sonia is saddened but not surprised. She tells Brenda that she's not the only one to have ever been betrayed by a best friend, and advises her: 'Mag-drama ka, umiyak ka, which hindi mo pa ginagawa to my surprise'

Brenda sighs again and resolves to do something because she's not going to let Celine and Stick think they can deceive her forever.


Later that day, Brenda is with Celine at a restaurant, encouraging to eat. But Celine is confused and asks Brenda if there's an occassion because she's buying Celine lunch.

When Brenda asks if she's okay, Celine says she's just tired from the gym. At this, Brenda asks her how Stick is, and says she hopes Celine is keeping an eye on her boyfriend because some girl might be trying to steal him. Celine is uncomfortable and asks Brenda if she thinks Stick is being unfaithful.

Just then, Stick arrives and he is surprised to see Celine. Celine is also surprised to see him. Brenda pretends not to understand and asks if there will be a problem if they're all together for lunch.

During the meal, Brenda tries to feed Stick, but he tells her he's not very hungry. Brenda goes on to admire Stick and tell him he's really so good looking, and that it's no wonder all the girls are in love with him, and he even has a stalker.

Stick leans over and quietly reminds Brenda that she once told him they shouldn't be sweet in front of Celine. Brenda assures him that Celine's already okay, and asks Celine to confirm that she's already over Gens. Celine hesitantly says yes.

Brenda then shares her bright idea: she tells Stick he should be sweet with Celine as well, that way she's not left out. Both Celine and Stick are shocked. Brenda goes on to say there's nothing wrong with her idea. After all, Stick's her boyfriend, and Celine's her bestfriend and they know each other. At her words, Stick demands to know what's going on.

Before Brenda can answer him, Celine tries to leave, saying she's got a headache. When Brenda stops her, Stick tells her she should just let Celine leave since she wants to go. With barely concealed anger, Brenda then asks why Celine would want to leave -- is it because she and Stick are becoming uncomfortable around one another?

Stick tells Brenda he's becoming uncomfortable with her behavior. Brenda says if that's the case, then it's about time they tell her the truth to her face -- why did they kiss each other?!

After a shocked silence, Celine finally says it's all her fault, because it was Valentine's Day, and that she didn't mean to.

Brenda plays along with Celine's reason and and sarcastically says fine, it was probably just an accident that your lips touched Stick's lips!

When Celine asks her what she means, Brenda picks up a glass of water and pours it on Stick's shoulder, then says "Whoops! Sorry babe, nabuhusan kita ng tubig." She then asks Celine if that's what she meant by 'accident'.

Celine is panicking. She asks Brenda what she wants from her. Brenda stands up and angrily says she wants them to pay for the lunch because she's lost her appetite and just wants to go home.

As she starts to walk away from thet able, Stick grabs her arm and tries to stop her. She tells him to let go, wrenches her arm out of his grasp, and slaps him before she storms out of the restaurant.


At home, Brenda is packing her things when Hillary arrives. When Hillary asks her what she's doing, she explains that she's packing up because they're moving -- something she's happy about because she doesn't like their neighbors.

Hillary tells her she's got a visitor. Angrily, Brenda says if it's Celine, she should just go jump out of a plane without a parachute. And if it's Stick, he should get on the plane and push Celine out of the plane before jumping out without a chute himself.

Stick walks into the room just then and asks to talk to Brenda. Hillary hastily excuses herself.

Brenda agrees to talk, and asks why Stick kissed Celine. Stick reminded her of the time she had a crush on Brad Pitt, and said he didn't mind because he knew it was just a harmless crush.

Brenda angrily asks him how he can equate her crush on Brad Pitt with what he did, because there's no way she would ever get to kiss Brad Pitt even if she were to walk on her knees all the way to Hollywood! He, on the other hand, kissed her best friend not once, but twice!

Stick tells her he loves her and that he really regrets what he did. Brenda changes the subject and hands him the trash bin, and asks him to take it outside and make himself useful because no matter how much they talk they won't get anywhere.

Stick leaves reluctantly.


Brenda is still packing her things later when Celine arrives. Brenda angrily tells Celine to stop calling her 'Bes' because it's all wrong coming from her.

Celine says that the whole thing is all her fault; she tries to excuse Stick's behavior by saying he's a guy, which makes Brenda angry. Celine explains that she just doesn't want to destroy Brenda's relationship with Stick, and she doesn't want to lose her best friend.

Brenda turns away from her and resumes packing, then notices a shirt which she turns to show Celine. The front of the shirt reads: "Wanted: New Best Friend". She tells Celine it's such a great shirt and that she's going to go change.

After Brenda leaves the room, Celine notices a photo of herself and Brenda in one of the boxes. She gets it out and hugs it.


Later that evening, Brenda and Sonia are directing movers who are helping them into their new home. When Brenda is impatient with one of the movers, Sonia tells she should just cry it all out, instead of trying to pretend that she's okay.

Brenda sighs and sits down. She admits to her mother that she doesn't know what to do. Sonia sits next to her and asks if she has forgiven them yet.

Brenda quietly says she knows she can forgive them. The problem is -- she doesn't know if she can trust them again.

Sonia sighs then tells Brenda she has to decide what she wants to happen next.


Later, Stick and Brenda are eating together at a restaurant. Stick reaches for her hand and kisses it. At this, Brenda looks at him and sadly tells him she thinks they should cool things off.

When Stick protests, Brenda quietly says she's already made her decision. She gets up with tears streaming down her face.

Just before she leaves, she turns for one last look at Stick, who is still at the table watching her, upset. Brenda's voice over: What have I done? I feel so cheated. I lost my best friend, and I lost my boyfriend. But if I don't do this, I'd be too pathetic. Love is such a messy thing. Whoever it was who said love makes the world go round, they chose the wrong geometric shape. It should be, love makes the world go triangular, for all the love triangles in the world.

She turns and leaves the restaurant.

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