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Carla in Abt Ur Luv Episode 4-5

Episode Title: Consequences

This blog entry contains episode highlights involving Carla' character, Brenda.

Episode Highlights

Josh awakens at the hospital to find his sisters, Nelle, and his friends at his bedside.

As they all gather around his bed, Brenda tells them that although the doctor says Josh's injuries are minor, he can't say when Josh will get his memory back. She says the best they can do is pray.

Outside Josh's room, Stick offers to be the one to relay the bad news to Brenda's parents, but she says she'll do it. He tells her to relax, and assures her it's not her fault that Josh got hurt. Just then a doctor approaches them and says he's ready to talk to her about Josh's condition.

Later, Brenda calls all the friends together to relay the bad news: the doctors think Josh needs open-brain surgery to help them figure out the cause of his amnesia.

Mao expresses concern, saying that based on what he's read before, there's only a 50-50 chance of survival. They grow even more worried when Brenda tells them the procedure will take place tomorrow.

Stick asks them all not to tell Josh about the risk because he may be affected. They also decide not to tell Nelle, who is still in Josh's room keeping him company.


Hillary later asks Brenda why their parents haven't been informed yet. Brenda assures her sister that she knows what she's doing.

Hillary threatens to call their parents herself, and demands to know why Brenda won't do so. Brenda hesitates.

Back in Josh's hospital room, Josh reveals to Webb and Rickson that he's just faking his amnesia. They urge him to tell the truth because he's unknown to him, he's already scheduled for open-brain surgery!

Just then, Brenda and Hillary enter the room with a wheelchair, and Brenda asks Josh if he's ready to go. Josh panics, thinking they're taking him to his operation. Brenda tells him to calm down, that she's taking him to see a doctor.

Later, Brenda watches as Josh is wheeled into his appointment, then turns away, looking exasperated.

In the hospital room, Nelle learns from Webb and Rickson that Josh is scheduled for open brain surgery the next day, just as Brenda wheels Josh back into his hospital room.

Nelle is unable to stop herself from asking Josh about his surgery. Josh feigns surprise and asks Brenda why she didn't consult him before scheduling the procedure, especially since he could die if something goes wrong.

Before Brenda can answer, the rest of Josh's friends run into the room with a large banner that reads "We love you Josh". Yaya Ciana tells him that although he may not remember them, they all love him very much. It's all too much for Josh, and he gets up from the bed and leaves the room, while everyone else can only watch in surprise. Brenda and Hillary follow him.

Josh tells them he doesn't deserve the show of love from their friends. He says he doesn't want to go through with the surgery.

Hillary tells him he has to have the operation because it's the only way he'll get his memory back.

Cornered, Josh finally confesses that he was faking his amnesia all this time and apologizes. To his surprise, Brenda reveals that they know.

Hillary also tells him there's no surgery scheduled. Brenda had talked all the doctors into going along with the ruse so they could teach Josh a lesson. Josh is filled with remorse. Brenda tells him that he now has to tell everyone else the truth. The two sisters leave Josh alone with his guilt and his thoughts.


Later, Josh returns to the hospital room to find his friends still waiting for him.

Tearfully, he thanks them for caring for him, then confesses that it was all a lie, that he faked his amnesia because he wanted to know if Nelle had feelings for him.

Upset by the truth, Nelle leaves the room crying. Josh runs after her.

As everyone quietly absorbs the news, Brenda speaks up, and apologizes to everyone else for the way she deceived them about Josh's surgery. Tearfully, she explained that she just wanted to teach Josh a lesson. She is sorry that they too had to be lied too by her.

Yaya Ciana gets up and quickly hugs Brenda.

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