Saturday, October 20, 2007

Carla in Abt Ur Luv Episode 4-7

Episode Title: Bukingan

This blog entry contains episode highlights involving Carla' character, Brenda.

Episode Highlights

Brenda and Hillary sit down to breakfast and express their worries about Josh, who is still missing. Yaya Ciana adds to their guilt when she remarks that they really went overboard with their 'punishment' for Josh's amnesia stunt.

Just then, Webb arrives and immediately helps himself to breakfast. The girls become suspicious because Webb seems too cheerful considering that Josh is 'missing'.

Later, Stick tries to cheer Brenda up by assuring her that Josh will come home when he's had time to think and that he'll come back changed for the better.

Just then, Brenda's cellphone rings. It's Josh, calling to assure his sister that he's okay and that he just needs time to think things through. Hillary asks Brenda to put Josh on speaker phone and they all crowd around the cellphone to listen.

Stick signals to Brenda that she shouldn't get too upset, and she wisely takes his advice and tells Josh he should take as much time as he needs.

Just before Josh runs out of cellphone load credits, he manages to tell them that Ray is with him, and that they should tell PJ.

After the call ends, Brenda is still frustrated by the situation. Hillary suggests that she join the outing that her friends have already planned, so she can relax. Stick thinks it's a good idea.


They arrive at the resort, not knowing that it is the same place where Josh and Ray are staying.

When they get to the room, Honey makes a point of asking for the bed that Brenda wanted, saying that she's entitled to it since she paid for a larger share of the room. Brenda lets her have the bed, but it's obvious she's upset that Honey is there, and she tells Stick as much.

Later, Brenda and Stick are enjoying a massage together when they are once again interrupted by Honey. Brenda quickly gets up and leaves, saying she'll just relax in their room now that it's most likely empty.

Stick finally tells Honey that she's not welcome and that Brenda has a right to be upset. Honey scoffs at Stick's statement and asks him if he really knows Brenda at all. She takes pleasure in telling him that Brenda used to be the talk of her high school because she kissed her teacher. Stick is shocked and disturbed by this.

Jack and Ray accompany Josh to see Brenda, who is so surprised to hear Josh's voice that she falls off the bed in surprise. Brenda tells Josh there's no need to explain and that she's happy he's there and can join them.

Brenda leads Josh and Ray to the rest of the group where they're already having dinner. After a lot of chatter, Brenda finally asks Stick where Honey is. Stick is still disturbed by what he just learned, so without looking at Brenda, he replies that Honey is in their room, something Brenda is happy to hear.

Later, Brenda and Stick hang out at the poolside while their friends are swimming. Brenda comments to Stick that he's been very quiet lately. Stick doesn't admit to what's bothering him. Honey watches them, amused.

Later that evening, the group plays Truth or Dare, and when the bottle points at Brenda, Honey grabs the chance to ask Brenda if it's true that she kissed her teacher in high school.

Brenda immediately turns to look at Stick with guilt on her face. Upset, Stick walks out and Brenda runs after him.

Brenda catches up with Stick and he asks her if Honey was telling the truth. Brenda admits it's true but says it's something she's not proud of, and that she's learned from her mistakes. Stick is still too upset, and he gets up and walks away.

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