Sunday, October 28, 2007

Carla in Abt Ur Luv Episode 4-8

Episode Title: Barkada Horror Stories

This blog entry contains episode highlights involving Carla' character, Brenda.

Episode Highlights

Everyone's gathered together and they're dancing away at their halloween costume party... everyone except Brenda, who is unhappy because of the way things are with Stick.

Hillary notices and goes to speak with her sister. Brenda grows even more unhappy when she learns that Stick isn't at the party because he had driven Honey to the airport; it seems Honey is returning to the States.

Just then, someone in a gorilla costume approaches and it turns out to be Stick. He asks Brenda to forgive him for over-reacting. He also says that Honey is apologetic, and wrote Brenda a note. Brenda is moved by Honey's apology, and she and Stick happily patch things up.

After the party winds down, the gang agrees to stay a while longer to trade horror stories. Brenda surprises everyone by saying she has stories to share.

She tells them of the time she was at home watching TV and thought she saw Hillary head to the kitchen, so she asked Hill to get her some water. When no one replied, she entered the kitchen and saw there was no one there.

She also tells them of the time she came home to find Josh sleeping on the couch. She tries to wake him because she's expecting Celine to arrive soon, but Josh doesn't respond even though she's calling his name loudly.

Just then, the door opens and Josh walks in from outside the house! Brenda is shocked and looks back to find the couch empty.

Josh doesn't notice Brenda's reaction. He just tells her that his friends will be arriving soon and goes on upstairs. Brenda watches him go then turns again for another look...

Hillary and Josh are surprised to learn this, and Josh right away suggests that they move out. Brenda tells them nothing has happened since those two incidents last year, so she never bothered to tell them about it.

They then ask who has another story to share, and from behind them, someone in a Casper costume says she has a story. When someone comments that there was no Casper there earlier, everyone panics and runs away screaming... not realizing that it's just Yaya Ciana in costume.

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