Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Carla and Victor on Homeboy

Carla and Victor were on today's episode of Homeboy, which tackled the subject of courtship techniques for today's youth in a show entitled "The Bagets Ligaw Rules!"

Host Boy Abunda and co-host Bea Alonzo interviewed their three guest couples: Carla Humphries and Victor Basa, Nikki Gil and Geoff Eigenmann, & Melissa Ricks and Matt Evans.

One popular courtship ritual is the giving of teddy bears. As a little exercise, each couple was asked to act out a courtship scene using their bears as puppets.

Another courtship ritual is the giving of flowers. Each guy was asked to prepare a bouquet of flowers and present it to their respective partners.

Yet another courtship ritual is the giving of chocolates and sweets. As an exercise, each couple was asked to prepare and eat three servings of polvoron, then whistle their favorite love song to their respective partners.

Next, each pair was asked to describe their respective partners using the letters of their names.

Victor wrote: [C]uddly, [A]lways [R]endering [L]ife [A]mazing.

Carla wrote: [V]ain, [I]ndependent, [C]utiepie, [T]houghtful, [O]nly one to make me laugh when I'm down, and [R]isk-taker.

Boy Abunda quickly asked if Victor was already courting Carla, and the two of them exchanged looks but didn't confirm or deny.

Before the show ended, Victor plugged Abt Ur Luv, Ur Lyf 2 and thanked his sponsors. Carla extended her condolences to her Ate Luz before thanking her sponsors also.

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