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Carla in Abt Ur Luv - Epi 28

Episode Title: Facing Responsibilities

This blog entry contains episode highlights related to Carla's character, Brenda.


Brenda and Hillary are at home about to have breakfast. Hillary is setting the table as Brenda calculates their expenses and realizes that they're going to be short on money. Hillary suggests that they ask for more from their mother, but Brenda would rather not, since their mother already had to borrow money just to pay for their tuition fees.

Hillary suggests that one of them drop out of school for a while to reduce their expenses, and suggests that it be Josh. Brenda is amused and says for a moment there she actually thought Hillary was willing to make the 'great sacrifice.'

Brenda realizes just then that Josh is nowhere in sight, and wonders where he might be.

* * *

In school, Gwen, Brenda, and Hillary are talking about the Smith's financial problems. When Hillary volunteers to help make money, Brenda tells her that the best way she can help is to stop escaping for rendezvous with Bill. Hillary is quiet but obviously bothered by the thought.

Just then, Blue and Stick walk down the corridor and bump into them. Stick reveals that aside from helping Blue with enrollment, he's at the campus because he just got a new job as a P.E. Instructor at the school.

Brenda remarks that it's great he's found a job. She hopes she can find some extra income also. Blue assures her that she'll find something soon, before the two brothers take their leave.

Mao, Ahmad, and Bill walk by just then, and Brenda immediately turns serious and the girls walk away past the boys without greeting them, as Bill and Hillary exchange looks.

* * *

Later, everyone's getting together for some merienda. Brenda is quick to notice that Lieu is focused on Nelle and neglecting Gwen. She advises Gwen to be patient and understanding of Lieu; it's tough being the eldest child and responsible for everyone else.

Just then Blue comes in while talking to Stick on the phone. Brenda asks to talk to him and coaxes Stick into buying everyone a round of snacks since he's got a new job.

Everyone excitedly starts ordering, just as Ray, Fiona, and Jheny come in and immediately notice how excited everyone is.

Jheny quickly starts ordering her own merienda, thinking that the food supplies might be running low. Forgetting that Fiona doesn't speak Tagalog, she asks Fiona what she wants to order.

Fiona is overwhelmed by all the excited chatter in a language she doesn't understand, and confesses that she desperately needs a tutor. Brenda overhears and realizes this is an opportunity for some income.

She quickly stands up to ask Fiona exactly what kind of tutor she's looking for...?

* * *

With their merienda now done, Brenda and Fiona schedule their tutoring sessions, just as Hillary arrives with Bill. She's not pleased to see Fiona talking to her sister, since she recognizes her as the girl Bill was eyeing the other day.

Brenda introduces Hillary to Fiona and explains the tutoring arrangement. To Hillary's dismay, she also learns that Brenda intends to accompany Fiona to the mall since Hillary needs school supplies, and she also wants to help Fiona buy a Tagalog-English dictionary and some Tagalog pocketbooks.

Hillary is visibly unhappy about this new arrangement; Brenda notices and is surprised.

* * *

At the mall, Brenda asks Hillary what her problem is with Fiona. Hillary can't reveal the truth, so she says she's just surprised that Brenda is tutoring someone, since she's never done that before. Brenda explains that it's to earn extra income, and at this point, she's desperate enough to try this.

Hillary can't come up with a better alternative so she just keeps quiet and accepts the situation.

They head to the bookstore to pick up books and school supplies.

* * *

After completing their shopping, everyone's at the parking lot preparing to go home. Finally, they see Giselle and Rickson for the first time that day, and are surprised to learn that the two are now a couple.

Giselle and Rickson get a lot of ribbing from the barkada for the pet names they use to call each other, but they take it all in stride.

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