Thursday, September 27, 2007

Behind the Scenes: Star Magic Ball

Practice, practice, practice
Star Studio Magazine October 2007 issue

Before they got glammed up for the August 5 ball, the stars buckled down for some intense practice sessions for their production numbers.

Rehearsals were held over the course of several weeks, in between tapings, shootings, pictorials, mall tours, and other show biz commitments. They ditched their usual modern hip-hop moves for a classical waltz, with the girls in high heels no less. It might have been an exhausting experience, but they all had fun while they were at it.

Carla injured her toe in the McDonald's Mac Tonight Mad Dash race. Luckily, she and partner Victor Basa still managed to win first place.

The stars crammed eating and bonding whenever they could during the last rehearsal.

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