Saturday, September 29, 2007

Carla in Abt Ur Luv Episode 4-4

Episode Title: Survival

This blog entry contains episode highlights involving Carla' character, Brenda.

Episode Highlights

It's morning and people are gathered around the collapsed house, trying to figure out a way in. Brenda learns from one of the people in charge that they can't be allowed into the house because it's still too dangerous.

The man in charge advises them to go home, especially the minors in the group, because they may risk getting injured if they stay there. Stick tries to comfort Brenda, although he's also worried about Blue who is inside the collapsed house.

Later, Brenda tries to convince Hillary to go home while they wait for the rescue teams to go through the rubble of the house.

Stick arrives later and tells them that everyone's fine although some of them have minor injuries. The problem is that they'll need heavy equipment to lift through the rubble so it will take some time.

Still later, Brenda assures their mother over the phone that everything is okay and that she'll call regularly with updates. Stick arrives with breakfast and tells Brenda she should relax a bit.

Brenda is frustrated by the situation and says these kids just manage to get into all sorts of scrapes. Stick tells her she talks like they're much older than their friends. He reminisces about the things they used to do together, just as Honey walks by and overhears.

Brenda reminisces about the old days with Gwen, Lieu, and her best friend Celine. Stick tells her he's sure they'll all get together for a reunion some day. Brenda is surprised and asks when that might happen? Stick smiles before answering: at our wedding.

Brenda laughs and says she still has a lot of things she wants to do before they can talk about that. Honey is upset by what she hears and turns away, but bumps into someone else. Stick and Brenda realize that she has heard. Honey turns and runs away, and Stick runs after her to talk to her.


Stick explains the past to Honey, and she says she would have preferred that they had told her the truth from the start. Brenda joins them and apologizes again to Honey.

Honey suddenly changes the subject and asks them what they're doing there. Brenda explains what has happened to their friends.

Honey graciously tells them that her being there is probably just a distraction for them. And she assures Brenda that if she needs a place to stay, she's always welcome at Honey's place. She says she assumes Brenda still remembers where she lives.

In her appreciation, Brenda hugs Honey and thanks her again. Honey leaves.

As soon as Honey leaves, Brenda pulls Stick over and asks him if he remembers where Honey lives. Stick laughs, and then is distracted when he realizes that he can hear singing from inside the house. He goes to listen and comes back to Brenda, smiling and saying that they shouldn't be worrying about their family and friends.

He says it's obvious now who Josh takes after. Brenda quickly points out that she knows who Blue takes after too.

Stick just then remembers to tell her -- Blue is intent on courting Hillary. He's surprised when Brenda doesn't get upset. She explains that she's learned from her mistakes. She was too strict before and it affected her relationship with Hillary. This time, she's going to trust her sister to make the responsible decision.

Stick tells Brenda that Hillary seems to have already made her decision since Hillary has already told Blue she's not ready to be in a relationship.


Later at the hospital, everyone is surprised and worried to learn that Josh has amnesia and cannot remember anything.

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