Saturday, September 15, 2007

Carla in Abt Ur Luv Episode 4-2

Episode Title: 2nd Best

This blog entry contains episode highlights involving Carla's character, Brenda.

Episode Highlights

Still on the cruise, Brenda is looking at shawls while Hillary is beside her, obviously preoccupied.

Stick and Blue arrive just then, and Stick invites Brenda to go for a swim. She immediately accepts and tries to hide her surprise when Stick reaches for her hand. They head to the pool, leaving Hillary and Blue.


After swimming a few laps in the pool, Stick asks Brenda why she thought of inviting him along on the cruise, when she could have invited anyone she wanted. She hedges and said it was simply easier to invite him.

Stick persists with his questions, and remarks that he would have expected Brenda to invite Honey, since she's her best friend. Brenda confesses that she wanted to get a little piece and quiet, which would have been impossible with Honey around.

She then teasingly asks him if he misses Honey. Stick hesitates for a moment then finally admits that Honey is not his type. Brenda says she doesn't believe him.

After a short pause, she asks Stick just who is his type. Stick just looks at her quietly and doesn't answer the question. Instead, he changes the subject and suggests that they leave the pool.


The cruise continues with a tour of Bangkok. They all enjoy themselves, although Blue and Hillary have many awkward silences when it's just the two them.


Later, back on the ship, Stick finds Blue moping on the balcony of their cabin. He advises Blue to make the most of his time on board, especially since he paid a lot of money to be on the cruise. Blue confesses that he doesn't know how to handle Hillary's reaction.

Stick tells Blue that sometimes, you just don't get the girl, and that you end up getting friendship instead. Blue asks him if he's talking about his own experience with Brenda. Stick admits that he hurt Brenda very badly and doesn't want to repeat that. He tells Blue again that sometimes you have to be satisfied with the friendship.


Elsewhere on the ship, Brenda tells Hillary that she thinks Stick no longer loves her, although he cares for her as a friend. Hillary says she finds that hard to believe, based on the way Stick behaves around her.

Brenda changes the topic and asks Hillary about Blue, because it's obvious there's something wrong between the two of them. When Hillary tells Brenda the reason why, Brenda gets worried, but Hillary assures her that she won't be getting into another relationship anytime soon.

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