Saturday, September 08, 2007

Carla in Abt Ur Luv Episode 4-1

Episode Title: Dream Vacation

This episode marks the start of Season 4 for Abt Ur Luv, and features an Asian cruise by some of members of the original Abt Ur Luv cast. The cruise scenes will be aired in the first two episodes of Season 4.

This blog entry contains episode highlights involving Carla's character, Brenda.

Episode Highlights

Brenda, Josh, and Hillary are excited to learn that their father has bought them all tickets to an Asian cruise. Josh is disappointed when Nelle cannot join them. Brenda invites Stick along. Blue convinces Stick to let him join so he can spend more time with Hillary. Rickson and Webb are disappointed when they can't go.

Hillary tells Brenda she knows her sister still has feelings for Stick and that she invited Stick along on the cruise hoping it would show that their relationship still has a chance.

When Stick unexpectedly arrives at their cabin, Brenda is surprised and excuses her mood as just her being worried about Josh.

Hillary asks Brenda if she knows how Blue ended up joining them on the cruise, but Brenda doesn't know. Blue advises Stick to stop worrying about him and to focus on Brenda instead.

Josh arrives and tells them he's convinced that Nelle is on the cruise ship as well, but no one believes him. Josh walks off in anger and Stick stops Brenda from chasing after him.

Their cruise includes a stop at one of the beautiful beaches.

Later, Josh is convinced he sees Nelle on the beach and leaves the group to look for her.

Back on the cruise ship, Brenda and Hillary are concerned that Josh continues to insist that Nelle is there.

Later, the mystery is solved when Josh injures himself falling down the stairs while chasing after Nelle. Turns out it's not Nelle, but a Malaysian girl who looks like Nelle.

Reassured that Josh is alright, Brenda and Stick find themselves laughing as they look through cruise photos that have been posted on the ship.

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