Saturday, September 22, 2007

Carla in Abt Ur Luv Episode 4-3

Episode Title: Falling Into Place

This blog entry contains episode highlights involving Carla' character, Brenda.

Episode Highlights

Brenda is showing Yaya Ciana photos from their Asian Cruise, and Yaya Ciana notices that she mentions Stick often now. Curious, Yaya Ciana asks if Brenda and Stick are back together. Just then, Hillary arrives with the phone. It's Stick calling Brenda.

Brenda excitedly takes the call, while Hillary and Yaya watch her.

Hill is happy for her sister, and tells Yaya that she's asked Brenda many times if she's back with Stick, but so far she hasn't gotten a straight answer.


Later, Brenda and Stick are together, and Stick tells her their relationship seems to be better than ever. Brenda agrees and says she thinks nothing can keep them apart this time.

Just then, Honey arrives and sees them together. Brenda tries to explain, but Honey is too upset to listen.

When Honey accuses Brenda of using the Asian Cruise as a ploy to steal Stick from her, Stick says he's always felt this way for Brenda. Brenda is touched.

Brenda tries again to apologize but Honey stops her. Honey announces that their friendship is over, and stalks away angrily as they stare after her.

Brenda says she feels guilty because although they didn't lie to Honey, they also concealed the truth about their past relationship from her. Stick says maybe they both said nothing because they were both hoping that their relationship wasn't really over.

Stick assures Brenda that he'll take care of it and explain everything to Honey. She smiles at him so brightly that he asks why she's looking at him in that way. She explains that she's surprised by how sweet he's being.


Stick and Brenda are both laughing as arrive at Brenda's home later, only to find their friends gathered in the living room, looking worried. They learn that Junaps has had a bad premonition about Josh getting injured and that both Josh and Webb have gone missing.

Later, Stick returns from checking the malls where they believe Josh and Webb might be, but he's not been able to find them. Their other friends are also out searching.

Everyone becomes even more worried when Junaps reveals that it's not just Josh who is in danger now.

Later, Brenda gets a call from Blue -- they've found Josh and Webb!

Both Nelle and Hillary ask to come along and Victor agrees. They head out into the rain, leaving Junaps, Lisa, and Giselle to wait.

On the way, Stick reaches for Brenda's hand when it's obvious that she's still very worried.

They finally arrive at the address and find an old house and a car parked in front. It's not obvious where their friends are, so Brenda starts heading towards the house.

Just then, the roof of the house starts to collapse, and from the outside, they can only watch with horror. Inside the house, their friends duck as debris starts falling down on them.

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