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Qpids: Episode 16.0

This is the summary for Week 16's Qpids Episode. It is also Part 3 of the final Qpids Dramaserye featuring the Final 4 Loveteams. This week's episode is entitled "Langit at Lupa".

CF's Note: This entry only contains scenes related to Carla and Janus. Episode summary text courtesy of Angelica. Thank you!


Mhyco opens the show with a voiceover: "Bakit nga ba nagbabago ang ugali ng mga tao, ang dating mga anghel, ngayon, demonita na. Feeling mo talaga nasa impiyerno ka pag nasaktan ang puso mo. Pero isang araw, may ihuhulog nalang sayo ang Diyos na magpapaalala sayo kung gaano ka sarap ang magmahal. At sa sobrang saya mo wala ka nalang masasabi kundi... 'Heaven!'"

Hazel and Jill are seated together at one of the tables of the Coffee King, working on their fashion design homework. Carla approaches them and tells them about the fundraising fashion show that she's having to raise money for Purok 1. She asks them if they would be willing to design clothes for the fashion show since they're design students, and if they could model their clothes as well. Jill agrees, but Hazel only agrees to design, and refuses to model. Hazel then asks Carla -- Doesn't Mhyco live in Purok 1?

Just then, Janus calls out to Mhyco from another part of the coffee shop, and Mhyco moves to talk to him. Janus and Mhyco meet right beside the table where the girls are. Janus greets Carla with a shy smile and thanks her for letting him take care of the makeup for the models in the fashion show. Carla smiles back at him.

Mikel overhears their conversation from behind the counter, and realizes that the fashion show would be good publicity for the Coffee King. So he offers to sponsor the show. Carla excitedly invites Mikel to talk it about it over dinner.

Janus is visibly overcome with jealousy, but he immediately cheers up when Carla invites him to join the dinner too, so they can discuss what his Pappys will do during the show. He smiles uneasily, and agrees.

Janus then brings the topic back to Mhyco, and says that he and Mikel had just remembered an incident about him. Everyone is slightly puzzled and looks on as Janus and Mikel count down together and say at the same time: "Mhy-Gy Co-Go Ma-ga Hal-Gal Ki-Gi Ta-Ga!"

Jill looks puzzled and tries to repeat the code, but doesn't understand what it means, while Hazel looks furious. Janus and Mikel laugh loudly and eventually leave the girls, while Mhyco tries to suppress his laughter.

Mhyco turns back to Hazel and Jill's table. He extends his hand and asks Hazel if they can make peace since they're older now, but Hazel takes her cup of steaming hot coffee and dumps it on Mhyco's hand.

Mhyco screams in anguish, and Jill and Carla step back in surprise. Janus rushes to his side. They ask him if he's okay, and Hazel leaves the Coffee King in a rush.


Later, Carla is at Janus's beauty shop getting a pedicure from Janus, while his two Pappys are both admiring photos of a new model, Andrea Torres. One Pappy says the model looks like she used one of his facial masks, and advises Carla to use their facial mask if she wants to have skin that young and beautiful.

Janus smiles as he watches Carla talking animatedly with his two Pappys. We then learn from Carla that Andrea is a resident of Purok 1 and that Carla agrees with the Pappys that Andrea has the potential to be a model.

As Janus completes the pedicure, Carla thanks him for his beautiful work, as usual, and she tells them she needs to to prepare to meet Mikel for dinner.

She then bids Janus goodbye and trades besos with his two Pappys, before reminding Janus that she expects him to be at the dinner too. As she steps out to leave, she hands her papers to one of her two bodyguards.

Janus and his two Pappys watch Carla leave, and afterwards, Janus sits sadly on the sofa between his two Pappys.

They observe him and one of them remarks that their son appears to now be all grown up and seems to be "in lurve".

Janus jokingly warns them that their estrogen levels appears to have gone up, but he quickly becomes serious when he tells them that he can't see how his feelings for Carla can lead to anything since Carla is interested in Mikel and that she's still convinced that Janus is really gay.

His Pappys tell him he can't be sure about her interest in Mikel, and they suggest to him that he tell her he's not gay. They even point out that they've already noticed how Carla looks at him sweetly.

One of his Pappys then changes his voice and switches to "straight" mode as he reassures Janus that no matter what Carla's response will be, they will always be there for him. His second Pappy, also in straight tones, seconds the motion.

Then they both complain of headaches from pretending to be straight, and the three of them laugh together as both Pappys clown around after switching back to their "gay" mode.


Later that evening, Paw and TJ are sitting together at a table in a restaurant, and he expresses to her how much he has missed her. He promises her that he won't leave her side tonight.

Just then, Mikel, Janus, and Carla walk into the restaurant together, and TJ pulls Paw to join the three newcomers.

At the restaurant, Mikel comments that if Hazel is going to be at the fashion show, they should try and keep her away from Mhyco or else she might kill him.

Everyone laughs, and Janus recalls the joke again that they spoke of earlier. Mikel tells them that they should have an ambulance stand by. Carla explains to TJ that Hazel spilled hot coffee onto Mhyco's hand after they recalled the line 'Ma-ga Hal-Gal Ki-Gi Ta-Ga' --- which Paw and Mikel finish saying at the same time. They both look at each other, and finally Paw turns away to explain its meaning to TJ.

Mikel looks away, slightly jealous, and Janus says he's jealous too and almost hugs Carla, but when she looks in his direction Janus plays it off and gives himself a hug. Paw looks at Carla's papers and sees that the Coffee King is a sponsor, and also offers to sponsor the fashion show too.

TJ replies that it's usually not good to have competing coffee shops as sponsors in the same show. Mikel responds that he doesn't mind, and Carla thanks Paw and says that the more sponsors, the better. She further expresses her anxiety over the show and reveals that the fashion show is the first project that she has put together all on her own. Janus reassures her that the fashion show will be a success and TJ agrees, saying that the city council believes in her.

Carla gratefully tells Janus that whoever will one day be his boyfriend will be really lucky. She adds that a lot of her gay friends are going to the show and she'll be happy to introduce him. Paw and TJ try and hide their laughter while Mikel looks away and tries to suppress his. Janus looks uneasy and a bit upset... and finally, he gets and leaves the table.

The table falls silent, and Carla, realizing that something was amiss, asks everyone if she said something wrong. No one answers, and concerned, she gets up and follows Janus to the men's restroom.


Inside the restroom, Janus is upset and is leaning against the door of one of the restroom stalls, just as Carla comes in and calls out to him. Surprised, Janus questions her why she's there and tells her that it's the men's room.

Carla tells him that she really wants to know what happened and if he's mad at her, and Janus explains to her that she didn't understand him. Carla offers to call Marc Cortez for him, but Janus finally stops her and reveals to her that he's not gay. Carla is taken completely by surprise, and asks Janus about what Paw's aunts told her.

Janus explains that Paw's aunts believe the superstitious beliefs of Aling Pekwa -- they had been told that if their hair was serviced by a gay guy, then their Barako ni Manang coffeeshop won't go out of business. Since Paw's aunts are such good tippers to gay men, Janus pretends to be gay so they will let him be their beautician.

Still confused, Carla goes on and says that she thought he was gay too because Janus was raised by two gay men. Janus continues and explains that his two gay Pappys raised him as a straight man through and through, and it doesn't matter whether a woman or a man raised him, instead that they raise him the right way.

Carla earnestly apologizes for not knowing the truth. Janus forgives her, and realizing that the truth is finally out, he starts feeling better and begins to smile. He shyly says that he has something more to tell her, but just then, someone in one of the men's stalls lets out a particularly loud fart.

Carla pinches her nose from the stench and asks Janus if he's the one that did it but Janus denies it. Realizing that the moment had been lost and that he could hardly reveal his love for her while they were still pinching their noses in the rest room, he says that what's important thing is that Carla finally knows that he's not gay. Laughing, Carla takes his hand to pull him out of the bathroom after her.


Later that day, Hazel, Jill, Carla, Alwyn, and Janus gather at Janus's beauty shop to prepare for the fashion show tomorrow. One of Janus' Pappys puts on a gown and pretends to model for everyone, and they all cheer and laugh.

Soon, Andrea walks down the stairs in a bright pink gown and Janus's other Pappy introduces her as the true beauty queen. Andrea gives a beauty queen wave and everyone claps for her.

Just then, Carla receives a call on her cell phone and she walks to one side of the room to take the call. Jill tells Hazel that she's much prettier than Andrea, and that Mhyco would definitely pick her over Andrea. Hazel responds and says to Jill that she's crazy.

Meanwhile, Janus comments to Alwyn that he feels so good that Carla finally knows that he's not gay, and that he might tell Carla how he truly feels about her at the fashion show. Alwyn, on the other hand, tells Janus that Jill's been avoiding him and he's losing hope. Janus reassures him to try and try again.

Carla walks back to everyone and reveals that they have a problem and they can't hold the fashion show at the Town Plaza as originally planned. However, she was able to arrange for them to have it at the Regal Hotel instead.

Upon hearing the news, Jill becomes worried and she tells Hazel that it can't be, because that's the hotel where she works and she lives in the penthouse of that building.


Backstage, Hazel fixes the gown of one of the models. Paw smiles, approaches her, and offers her some coffee while speaking to her in code. Hazel sarcastically responds that Paw's sense of humor is of a different kind. Paw asks Hazel why she doesn't forgive Mhyco especially since she and Paw are now already on good terms. Hazel explains that Paw is a girl and Mhyco is a boy, so it's different. Distracted, Hazel unknowingly pokes the model with a pin, and Paw walks away to offer more coffee to the other people in the room.

Just then, Jill rushes in and meets with Hazel, and Hazel asks her why she's so late. Jill explains that she has to fill in for her mom because her mom got sick, and Hazel asks her what she's going to do because now Jill won't be able to attend. Jill tells Hazel that she'll just explain everything to Kuya Manny later, and asks Hazel where her dress is. Jill rushes off to change.

Just then, Mhyco opens the door to the dressing room, causing everyone to scream in surprise. He had planned to return Hazel's diary to her, but he eventually closes the door and walks away embarrassed. Hazel starts to walks out after him, but Andrea follows closely behind. Janus calls out to Andrea to inform her that she's not done yet with her makeup.

We then see Andrea back in the dressing room, and Janus asks his Pappys what they should do because with her sprained ankle, Andrea can't model. One of Janus' Pappys scolds Andrea for running in her high heels and asks her what was going through her head.

Andrea says that it was all because of Mhyco. She thought that he was there to watch her model, and she shouldn't have run after him. Janus' other Pappy says that it's okay because she's pretty anyway, but Andrea responds that she still looked stupid.

Carla wonders out loud who can replace Andrea at such short notice, just as Paw walks in asking if anyone wants some coffee. Everyone turns to look at her, then they all start trading meaningful looks, obviously thinking the same thing as they all smile. Janus takes the tray out of Paw's hand and tells her that they're going to launch her modeling career tonight.


Finally, the fashion show starts with Janus and Carla walking out together on the ramp, arm in arm. They introduce the designs from the young fashion designers of Laguna High. The models walk out one by one, and as Paw walks out, her aunt comments on how beautiful her niece is. Mikel stares at her, mesmerized. Next, Jill walks out in a green gown and Alwyn is captivated by her.

After the show, Janus, Paw, Mikel, Jill, Carla, and Alwyn meet with Janus' Pappys, Paw's aunt, and Hazel and Alwyn's mom. Janus greets Paw's aunt and asks her if she likes the makeover they did on Paw, and her aunt replies that tonight she found out her niece could be a hotbabe. She also compliments Janus' on his hosting, and Janus' Pappy responds with a smile and says Janus takes after him.


Just then, Janus strolls in, practicing how he will tell Carla how he feels about her. He picks up a jar of cookies from Mikel's Coffee King booth, and talks to it, saying "Carla, I like you." He continues to practice, talking to the jar as if it were Carla, and she surprises him from behind.

When he nervously offers her a cookie from Mikel's setup, she asks him why he's still there.

Janus: Hinihintay kita... Hinihintay kita, Carla, kasi may sasabihin ako sa 'yo eh

Carla: (pa-simple) Talaga? Ano yun?

Janus: Pwede bukas? Ay, hindi sige, ngayon na...

Carla: (waits expectantly)

Janus: Carla, kasi, I la... I la... (Carla suddenly kisses him) I LIKE YOU!

Carla: (pretends to be surprised) Oh? Talaga? (smiles) Ayan! Nasabi mo na, diba? Akong nahihirapan sa 'yo eh. (Then quietly, sweetly) Janus, I like you. Ayan, nasabi ko ng maayos para sa ating dalawa.

Janus (smiling, but still not quite believing): Y-you like me?

Carla: (pretends to be impatient): Kailangan bang i-kiss kita ulit, para maniwala ka, ha?

Janus (without hesitation, leans forward for a kiss): Sige ba.... o....

Carla: (pushes his face away while laughing)

Carla: (smiling) Ang kulit mo, ha... I like you na nga eh...

Janus (finally starting to believe): You like me....? You like me?! (suddenly, loudly) Whoa!!! YOU LIKE ME!! WOOHOO!!! (starts running around the room, doing somersaults as Carla laughs)

Janus: (continues to chant, while they are dancing around): You like me! You like me!


Mhyco finally wraps up the show via his voiceover: "Lahat tayo may kanya-kanyang langit na pilit na inaabot. Minsan nga lang, nakakapagod nang mangarap, kung talo ka sa laban.."

Carla sits inside the dark ballroom beside Janus, and receives a phone call from her father, who reveals that he is arriving next week. She is obviously worried, and as she looks at Janus, he also looks unsure.

Mhyco continues: "... pero kahit malayo man ang agwat ng langit sa lupa, pagnaabot naman ang langit mo.."

The 4 boys gather inside Mikel's coffeeshop and Janus happily reveals to his friends that he and Carla are a couple now.

Mhyco continues: ".. parang na sayo na ang lahat."

Everyone rejoices with Janus and cheers, and they get together again for a group hug.

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