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Qpids: Episode 17.0

This is the episode summary for "Tumbang Preso," the fourth and final part of the Qpids dramaserye for the final 4 loveteams.

This summary only contains scenes related to Carla and Janus.



Janus (voiceover): Nung bata pa kami, simple lang ang patakaran sa buhay. Tamaan mo yung lata, panalo ka.

The episode opens with a scene from the past, with four young boys running around playing Tumbang Preso, when suddenly, young Alwyn collapses and everyone rushes to his side.

Janus (voiceover): Pero sa buhay na 'to, may mga laban talaga na hindi maipapanalo... minsan pa nga, ikaw ang matatamaan at matutumba.


The Present

Janus (voiceover): Dumating na yata ang araw na yun para sakin...

The scene shifts to the present. Carla and Janus are seated together in the front garden of her home, nervously waiting the arrival of her parents. Janus asks her if she really thinks now is the right time for him to meet her parents.

She tells him yes, and nervously gets up to fix his hair. Janus also nervously pats his sideburns, wondering out loud if they're okay.

Just then, her parents arrive with their entourage of bodyguards and assistants. Carla and Janus run to meet them at the main entrance to their home.

After greeting her dad and mom, Carla introduces Janus. As the two men are shaking hands, Carla nervously says, "Si Janus, boyfriend ko." Her father almost immediately withdraws his hand, and there is an awkward and nervous silence.


The scene shifts to later in the evening. Janus, Alwyn, Mikel, and Mhyco are together talking, and Janus is telling his friends that he is counting on their moral support. Apparently, Carla is organizing a party so that her parents can meet the people in the community, particularly the Pappys of Janus.

Alwyn informs him that Carla had come by to invite his entire family, including his sister Hazel. As he says this, he looks meaningfully at Mhyco. He also confesses that he asked Carla if Jill will be invited.

Mhyco kids Alwyn about his "bulok" style, saying he's just looking for opportunities to spend time with Jill. Alwyn responds by kidding Mhyco about his attempts over the past few weeks to get close to Hazel, all of which merely resulted in him getting bruised. Alwyn tells Mhyco he should just confess his feelings to Hazel, so if the world should end the next day, he will at least have said what he feels.


Later in the evening, Carla is visiting Paw at her home to invite her to the party. She reveals that she's excited and nervous at the thought of Janus' Pappys meeting and hopefully bonding with her parents. Paw assures her that she and her aunts will go directly to the party tomorrow, after her aunts return from their trip to the province (they are apparently trying to borrow money).

Paw then tells Carla she can see that Janus is all out in his efforts to win the approval of her parents. Carla shares that she's really scared because her dad is not the type who trusts easily. She says she feels like he doesn't trust even her.

Behind them, TJ and a few other people are milling around, moving the equipment and supplies from the shop. Janus arrives and greets Paw, then greets Carla ("Hello, Babe") and kisses her on the cheek.

Soon after, Mikel arrives, and together the friends convince TJ that he should go home and get some rest, since he appears to be coughing badly.


The dinner party is in progress the next evening at the very large home of Congressman Loren. Pappy Nelson chats away happily, recalling the days when Carla and Janus met as children and even played together with their other friends... and who knew they would now be a couple. He says perhaps they will shortly be married.

Janus chokes in response, and he manages to say that he thinks marriage is still a bit down the road for them since they're still young. Carla also says there's still so much she needs to do, such as her father's many projects.

Her father just quietly watches them both.

Carla's mother agrees, and compliments Carla on her Fashionista project. She says there's much that must be done to help the poor because of the high poverty level. Pappy JR agrees and reminisces about the time he was a finalist for the Ms. Gay Balara in 1984 and would say in his speeches that "Poverty is bad."

Janus hesitantly joins the conversation: "Ah... para sakin naman po kasi, yung kahirapan po is just a state of mind. Kung patuloy mong iisipin na mahirap ka, lalo kang malulungkot at maghihirap."

Carla's father condescending says to Janus: "So I assume you support R.A. 8425."

When Janus looks blank, Congressman Loren continues: "Hindi mo alam yun? R.A. 8425... an act that institutionalizes the social reforms and poverty alleviation programs for the purpose of creating the National Anti-Poverty Commission."

Janus falls silent, not knowing what to say, while Carla looks worried. One of Janus' Pappys remarks to the Congressman that he will support that, because he likes the sound of it.

Hazel moves to their table to get food, and while she's distracted by Andrea and Mhyco, she accidentally spills food on Congressman Loren. He becomes upset and shocks everyone into silence with his reaction. Hazel apologizes profusely, and the congressman excuses himself from the table.


Later that evening, dinner is over and Janus' two Pappys are dancing the night away with Carla's mother and Hazel's mother. Congressman Loren returns to the ground floor after changing his shirt and watches the scene with disapproval. He notices Carla and Janus leaving the living room and follows them out to the front garden.

Outside, Janus asks Carla if her father will ever smile... it looks like he's really going to be sticking to his "tiger look." Carla tells him that her father is really like that -- strict. Unknown to both of them, her father is now at the door, listening to their conversation.

Carla tells Janus that her father has been training her since childhood to be in politics. She shares that she sometimes feels like her father's robot. She says she does it because she loves her dad. But she can't help but wish that he was more of a father and less of a congressman.

Janus then asks her what will happen if her father doesn't approve of him as her boyfriend; will they still be together?

Carla laughs and assures him that it will be her decision. It's enough that her father tells her what to do when it comes to work. When it comes to affairs of the heart, she will listen to what her own heart wants. She playfully pats him on the nose and Janus feels better.

Just then, Paw's two aunts arrive together with TJ. They see Janus and immediately greet him, calling him Vaklush.

Janus starts to ask why they don't go for their manicures anymore, but stops in mid-sentence when he realizes that Congressman Loren is right there and can hear everything he's saying.

Paw's aunts and TJ greet the Congressman then enter the house.

Congressman: Oh my God... parlorista pala ang boyfriend ng anak ko. Matanong nga kita, Janus. Ano ang maipapakain mo kay Carla? Cutex? Acetone?

Carla: Daddy, marangal naman ang trabaho ni Janus eh.

Janus: Sir... alam ko po na medyo... malaki yung pagkakaiba ng antas natin sa buhay, pero...

From inside the house, we hear the sound of crystal breaking, and all three of them rush inside to see what has happened.

One of Paw's aunts had apparently hit an expensive vase off one of the side tables while dancing with Pappy Nelson.

Janus rushes forward to pick up the pieces, but the Congressman tells him to stop.

Pappy Nelson asks for the Congressman's patience, then offers to replace the vase.

Congressman: Papalitan mo? Saan ka naman makakakuha ng 50-year-old-vase? Ha?!

Carla: Daddy, hindi naman yata sinasadya...

Congressman: Carla, the party is over! Magpaalam ka na sa mga taong 'to.

Carla: Pero, Dad....

Congressman (turns angrily to face her): I mean NOW!

Pappy Nelson: Congressman, siguro hindi naman tama na papagalitan mo si Carla sa harap namin...

Congressman: Gagawin ko ang gusto kong gawin sa pamamamhay ko. Article 152 of E.O. 206 -- the Family Code. Alam mo ba yun?!

Everyone falls silent for a moment... and then...

Pappy Nelson: Janus... may edad ka na... alam mo na ang iyong dapat gawin.

Then he calls on Pappy JR and the two of them take their leave. The other guests start leaving as well. Janus stays behind to be with Carla.

Carla's father takes the stairs to the second floor of the house, leaving them in the foyer. Alwyn and Jill are about to leave as well and are about to say goodbye to Carla when they hear the sound of angry voices from the poolside.

They rush outside to find Mikel and TJ fighting because of Paw. Before long, all four couples are outside, with Mhyco and Janus pulling TJ and Mikel away from each other.

TJ angrily tells Paw that their relationship is over and leaves. Paw runs to join the three other girls and starts crying, while the boys start trying to make sense of what happened.

Alwyn stands to one side and has one hand over his chest. At first, no one notices when he falls to his knees and then eventually collapses to the ground. Jill is the first to see him and she starts running, calling his name. Everyone rushes to Alwyn's side.


In the next scene, we see Alwyn lying in a hospital bed with his parents hovering over him. In the waiting area outside, Janus tells Mhyco and Mikel that Carla's father disapproves of him. And as if that wasn't bad enough, this had to happen to Alwyn.

Everyone is wallowing in misery when the doctor finally comes out and tells them that Alwyn's blood pressure has stabilized and that he'll be okay. Carla and Janus exchange relieved smiles, while both Jill and Hazel start crying in relief.

Alwyn finally awakens later to find Janus sleeping beside him. He rouses his friend and finds that Mhyco and Mikel are also sleeping on a nearby cot.

They greet Alwyn and tell him that Jill is waiting with them as well. As Jill awakens, Janus invites Mhyco and Mikel to have coffee, but in reality he just wants to give Alwyn and Jill some time alone together.


Janus and his Pappys are together in a clothing store, apparently shopping. Janus looks lonely and depressed as Pappy JR complains about the attitude and behavior of Congressman Loren, saying his blood pressure goes up whenever he thinks of the congressman.

Suddenly, Carla runs up to them and hugs Janus. He is surprised and tells her he thought she had forgotten all about him.

She reveals that her father has forbidden her from seeing him again.

Carla: Tumakas lang nga ako sa mga guards eh. Sinabi ko mag-re-rest room ako. Sinundan ko lang kayo.

They look at each other for a moment, then...

Carla (tearfully): Janus, papadala nila ako sa London. (She starts crying) Janus, hindi ako papayag... (She shakes him urgently) Magtanan na kaya tayo?!

Pappy JR: Iha, naiintindihan kita, pero parang masyado pa yata kayong mga bata.

Pappy Nelson: Pappy, hayaan na natin silang mag-decide. Hindi na sila minor.

Carla (looks expectantly at Janus): Janus... ano?

Before he can answer, we hear Carla's bodyguards calling out her name. Carla rushes to him and urgently whispers: Janus, may iniwan akong sulat kay Paw. Basahin mo.

As the guards appear, she steps back and raises her voice and with haughty anger says to him: Diba sinabi ko na sayo, ha? Huwag mo 'kong sundan, dahil 'di tayo bagay, okay? Lupa ka, langit ako! Kaya break na tayo!

With her guards standing behind her, she looks at him apologetically and mouths: Sorry... kay Paw! Then she walks away calling out "Guards, tayo na!" leaving Janus and his two Pappys staring after her.

Pappy JR (smiling in amazement): In fairness dun sa babaeng yun, acting ah!! Hindi halatang mahilig siyang manuod ng telenovela! Winner!


The scene shifts to the hospital, where Alwyn has been discharged and is being wheeled out on a wheelchair. Mikel comes in and asks them if they've seen Janus, just as Janus rushes in behind him to ask why he has called for an emergency meeting.

Mikel reveals that he is being asked to move to another branch, and so he now has to leave Laguna. Janus asks him if his departure has anything to do with Paw. Alwyn agrees and says there's no need for Mikel to leave, because she will surely forgive him.

Mikel asks his friends to bear with him, because he needs their support. Alwyn says he thought that when he came home, they would all have their reunion and that they would not have to be apart. Mikel reassures him that Manila isn't too far away and that he'll still be in touch and they'll all see each other.

Janus: Malaki ka na eh... alam mo na ang ginagawa mo ah. Pare... text-text ha... Call-call pa sige... Mami-miss ka namin. Pictures-pictures mamaya. Suot ka ng medyo loose, para kita ka sa picture.


Paw is with Janus and hands him Carla's letter, which contains the instructions for where they should meet so they can elope.

Paw tells him that she'll miss him, and that she will have a hard time finding a besteven like him. Janus says he'll also miss her, but at least he won't be the first in the group to leave.

Paw is confused, and Janus says with regret that he had inadvertently let slip that Mikel has left and returned to Manila.


Janus is with his two Pappys dressed in drag waiting, just as Carla runs in dressed in boys clothing, wearing a baseball cap and sporting a fake mustache.

Janus asks her how she was able to get away and she tells him that she got their housemaid to put sleeping pills in the drinks of the guards.

Just as they pick up their things are prepare to leave, Carla's parents walk in with their entourage of bodyguards and assistants. Congressman Loren threatens to file kidnapping charges against the two Pappys if they leave.

Carla asks how he knew, and the congressman replies: Siguro nalimutan mo na may security camera ang bahay natin. He tells her that they saw her talk the maid into helping her, and the maid confessed to the plan.

Congressman: What are you trying to do? Tinatapon mo ang buhay mo para sa (he looks at Janus dressed in drag) lalaking 'to?!

Carla (pleading): Dad, mahal ko siya.

Congressman: Yes, but what about us? Ang mommy mo na nag-aalala para sa'yo. Ha?! Ang mga ambition mo itatapon mo nalang para sa... sa... ano? lalaki ba 'yan?! babae ba yan?! Ano ba yan?!

Carla (pulls off her cap, angry): Hindi Dad eh! Hindi ko ambition yun! (tearfully) Ambition ninyo yun para sa'kin. Hindi niyo ba alam na lahat kami... lahat kami sa bahay sinasakal niyo! Tingnan niyo si mommy... kahit mali man para sa'yo ang desisyon kong 'to... at least ako mismo nagdesisyon... on my own. Alam kong tama 'to... Dad, sinusunod ko yung gusto ng puso ko.

Janus: Congressman, lahat naman nadadaan sa mabuting usapan eh. 'Di na kailangang humantong sa ganito. Tsaka sir, alam kong hindi ako credible sa itsura ko ngayon, pero ito lang po masasabi ko at mapapangako ko sa inyo... mahal na mahal ko po ang anak niyo, at handa ko siyang pagsilbihan habang buhay. Hinding-hindi ko po siya sasaktan.

Carla steps forward to her dad and he hugs her.

Congressman (quietly): Mahal kita Carla... kaya tatanggapin ko na siya. (he looks at Janus)

Pero ikaw, ha... marami ka pang bigas na kakainin bago mo makuha ang aking ???.

Janus: Opo sir...

The congressman leaves, and Carla goes to hug her mother and apologize.


In the next scene, all 8 friends are gathered together, and it looks as though Paw and Mikel have decided to work together and open a coffee business called "Barako King."

Paw thanks everyone for being there and says she hopes the "Barako King" will last a long time, like their love for each other, and their friendship with everyone there. Everyone raises their coffee cups and says "Cheers!"

Janus (voiceover): Sabi nga nila, ang buhay ay isang laro. Minsan ikaw ay panalo, at may mga panahon naman na ikaw ang talo.

We see Janus and Carla together with the congressman, and Janus is giving her father a manicure.

Janus (voiceover): Ang importante... huwag kang bumitaw sa laban.

We see everyone together at the airport, tearfully seeing Jill off as she goes to America to look for her father.

Janus (voiceover): Dahil makukuha at makukuha mo rin ang nasa puso mo.

The scene shifts to the Barako King, where seven of the friends are gathered together, dressed in black, mourning.

Janus (voiceover): Isang taon pagkatapos ng reunion, pumanaw si Alwyn.

Janus (voiceover): Hinintay lang niya na bumalik si Jill at nagpaalam na siya sa amin. Pero kahit wala na siya, tuloy pa rin ang buhay. Dahil alam kong nandito lang siya sa paligid.

The scene shifts to the past, and we see the young children all gathered around a picnic table, having fun.

Janus (voiceover): At ang masasayang alaala ng kahapon ay permanente nang nakaukit... dito, sa puso ko.

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