Saturday, January 19, 2008

More from Palos Presscon

By: Nel Alejandrino

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Journal Online
January 19, 2008

SA apat na baguhang leading ladies ni Jake Cuenca sa Palos, tatlo ang produkto ng reality shows. Tanging si Carla Humphries ang maituturing na pinaka-veteran among them.

A talent of Star Magic for six years now, Carla has appeared in bit roles in several movies for Star Cinema. Marami-rami na rin siyang nalabasan na TV shows.

“But I would say,” aniya, “na ibang-iba ang image ko rito. Nag-submit ako to a kissing scene with Jake. How torrid it is, that’s for you to judge.”

In real life, Carla admits she’s a bit conservative. That’s why for this long, contented na siya to doing teeny-weeny roles. ’Di ba’t for a while, she was being built up as the ka-loveteam ni Janus del Prado, a former child actor?

Carla proved to be the most articulate among the four. Tall and sexy, some members of the movie press suggested that she join a beauty contest.

“But showbiz is my passion,” saad niya. “So, I’d rather stick to this. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that after Palos, more challenging and bigger roles will come my way.”

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