Friday, January 18, 2008

Carla's Shining Moment

For six years, Carla patiently waited for a big role. Through Palos, an important role landed at her feet. She may not be the sole leading lady but Carla does not mind. As a matter of fact, she is making it her big break.

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Her time has come. Carla waited for this break for six years and it is all worth the wait.

The half-French, half-Filipina young actress will be one of the female stars of the upcoming action teleserye, Palos headed by Cesar Montano and Jake Cuenca.

"To be part of Palos, karangalan po na makasama ang mga batikang artista," she explained.

The mestiza actress also shared that despite the fact that she had to wait many years, she could not think of any better time than this chance to be cast on a soap opera, which will soon appear on primetime bida.

"I'm very happy. Matagal ko pong hinintay ang oportunidad na ito, six years," she said, trying to hide her excitement. " I am prepared for it. Masasabi ko na mabibigay ko lahat ang kaya ko."

Highly identified for her teenybopper roles, Carla's latest project is something new in all aspects. As she puts it, people will see a "new Carla".

"Makikita nila ang kakaibang Carla, sa lahat ng aspect ng acting," she said.

Even if her role would entail her to go sexy, the 20-year-old lass will be up to the challenge.

"Lalaban ako sa paseksihan kung kinakailangan," she stressed.

She emphasized that she has the Star Magic Talent Center's blessings to make a go for more demanding roles.

"What is expected from me (I will give) like a mature artist. Kung ano expected from me, gagawin ko."

The invaluable lessons Carla has learned in those six years, has tremendously helped her. Those years have provided her with a strong foundation to stay long in the business.

She will play the half-French Stella in Palos, and will be linked to Fabio (Cesar).

"Gagawin kong kapansin-pansin ang role ko dito," Carla claimed. "Matagal kong pinangarap ito. Sisiguraduhin ko na ang role ko dito ay tatatak sa isip n'yo."

That is Carla's cue. Her time had indeed come.

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