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Carla in BWN - Episode 1.4

The three Arguelles women are walking towards their car after the mallshow.

Rita complains about the distance that they've had to go on foot. She asks why they had parked the car such a distance away from the mall, next to all the delivery trucks.


Barbara says she doesn't want everyone to see just how old their car is. She also tells Rita that she's had enough of her complaining.


Barbara then tells both girls that they need to figure out a way to get close to Rosamia.

Rita impatiently remarks that Barbara seems to do nothing but brown-nose, prompting Barbara to scathingly respond that Rita never achieves anything because she does nothing but criticize and complain.

Barbara then claims credit for Lavinia's successes, saying that it's all because Lavinia follows her advice.

As their mother walks ahead, Lavinia chides Rita, saying she shouldn't fight with their mother. Rita says she's tired of Barbara's stage mothering. She asks Lavinia how she can bear their mother's behavior. Does she actually like what their mother has her do?


Lavinia hesitates but eventually says that she does like what she's doing. She says their mother understands the ins-and-outs of the business, which is why she listens to her advice.

They continue on their way, with Barbara castigating Lavinia on her performance, saying she was off-key at some points in the song.


The next morning, it is breakfast at the Arguelles home. Barbara points out a feature in the day's paper that talks about Nico Escobar. The article apparently talks about his privileged background.


Lavinia tries to get rice for breakfast, but Barbara stops her and tells her to just have some eggs and juice. She says she shouldn't be like Rita, who is so heavy that she'll soon have to be rolled out of their home. Rita just continues to eat defiantly.

Lavinia reminds Barbara of their appointment with Larry Calma, and Barbara tells Lavinia she should get ready to go.

Barbara also tells Rita to join them, and when Rita objects, Barbara grabs her by the arm and threatens to hit her.

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Lavinia tries to pacify their mother, and Barbara eventually leaves the table, but not before threatning Rita.

Lavinia asks Rita if she's okay, and Rita says she is, even as she wipes away her tears.

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When Lavinia urges Rita to get changed for their appointment, Rita is still defiant, saying that if their mother doesn't like what she's wearing, then she won't have to go.


The Arguelles women are in Larry's office waiting for him when he enters. Barbara introduces Rita once again, saying she's a good guitarist if Larry should have need of one.


She then asks Larry if Lauro has approved an album for Lavinia.

Larry lies and says that Lauro approves of Lavinia, and that he wants some more time to think about the songs that will be in Lavinia's album. The women are visibly excited.


Larry assures them that the album will happen, they just have to wait a while.


Nico Escobar arrives at the LaCalma offices and apologizes to Larry for being late. Larry says it's no problem because he had just wrapped up his last meeting.

The Arguelles family appears behind Larry and Nico greets Lavinia by name, saying he never forgets a beautiful woman.


Barbara is quick to point out that Lavinia is not just beautiful, but she is also a singer, and that she also performed at his mallshow. Nico apologizes for not having heard her perform.

Larry seizes the opportunity and advises Nico to use Lavinia as a front-act for Rosamia's concert tour. Nico agrees, saying "why not?"



At home, Lavinia is rehearsing "Miss Na Miss Kita" under her mother's watchful eye, and when Lavinia misses a high note, Barbara gets upset and tells Lavinia she has to improve because the concert tour is just days away, that she has to show everyone she's better than Rosamia.

Lavinia tells her that Barbara is asking for the impossible -- Rosamia is better than her. Barbara angrily tells Lavinia that she is better, and demands that Lavinia start rehearsing once more. Lavinia says she's tired and asks if they can resume tomorrow, prompting Barbara to threaten her with bodily harm if she does not resume singing.


Lavinia fights back tears and starts singing. Rita comes down the stairs just then, and sadly watches her mother and sister together.


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