Friday, May 26, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 2.5

Lavinia and Rita arrive in a car in front of a large house.

They are both amazed and somewhat worried when they see how beautiful and large the place is.

Inside, Barbara is busy instructing workmen as they bring in large Italian porcelain pieces. She tells them to mind the floor since it is made of imported Italian tiles.

When her daughters enter, Barbara enthusiastically greets Lavinia and completely ignores Rita. She asks Lavinia how she likes their brand new home.

Lavinia expresses concern over their ability to keep up with the house payments for such a large home, especially since they're still paying for their new car.

Barbara says there should be no trouble at all with the payments, since Larry Calma is the guarantor of their home. Barbara says it's much better this way because Larry will have incentive to make sure Lavinia keeps getting booked with projects.

As long as Lavinia stays focused on her career, Barbara says she has no doubt they will be able to pay for all this, and even buy a mansion.

She tells Lavinia that as long as she does well, she'll outshine and surpass Rosamia. She just needs to always listen to her mother's advice.

Barbara kisses Lavinia, then invites her to go upstairs and look at her new bedroom. Still ignoring Rita, Barbara leads Lavinia up the stairs.

Rita can only watch as her mother and sister go up the stairs together.


Lavinia is performing at the Emerald Hotel at a show that has been booked for her by Larry Calma, not knowing that the show was originally intended for Rosamia.

Barbara and Rita are both in the audience watching her perform when unknown to all of them, Rosamia arrives and learns that Lavinia was given the booking that she was expecting.

Barbara and Rita both applaud with the rest of the audience when Lavinia finishes her song. They excitedly greet Lavinia and congratulate her backstage in her dressing room. Larry Calma is also there.

They are still exclaiming over the success of the show when Rosamia enters the dressing room.

Lavinia at first is excited to see Rosamia, but she grows confused when Rosamia rebuffs her attempts to hug her. She realizes too late that Rosamia is upset, when Rosamia confronts Larry for his duplicity by giving this show to Lavinia.

Rosamia threatens Larry, saying she will expose the truth to Lauro, then storms out of the dressing room. Lavinia tearfully goes after her to try to explain the situation and Barbara chases after her.

Larry and Rita can only watch them as they rush out of the dressing room.


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