Monday, May 22, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 2.1

Barbara knocks urgently on Lavinia's bedroom door, ordering her daughter to come out quickly.

Lavinia comes out to find that Rosamia has sent a rack of gowns for her. The driver has apparently told Barbara that these are gowns Rosamia has hardly ever worn, which she hopes Lavinia will use.

Rita excitedly holds one of the gowns out for Lavinia to see, and Lavinia is thrilled.

Barbara is pleased with Lavinia's success in winning Rosamia's friendship. She tells Lavinia to keep up the good work, because the day will come when no one will be able to stop her.

At her mother's words, Lavinia exchanges worried looks with her sister. Rita says nothing, and eventually looks away.


It is mealtime once again at the Arguelles home. Barbara is asking why work on Lavinia's album has stopped when she has only recorded three songs.

Lavinia tells her mother that they're awaiting Lauro Calma's approval. Barbara says she has no idea why approval is needed when Lavinia's performance is so much better than Rosamia's in her last album, prompting Rita to remark in mild disgust that their mother is at it again.

Barbara tells her that she's just speaking the truth, that no doubt Lauro is favoring Rosamia because the two of them are having an affair. She asks Lavinia what she thinks, and Lavinia is visibly disturbed by such talk, and tells her mother that it's best they don't talk about it.

Barbara becomes upset and demands that Lavinia admit she's right, that Lauro and Rosamia are having an affair. Lavinia tearfully agrees, even though it's obvious she's just forced to do so.

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