Thursday, May 25, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 2.4

The scene opens with Barbara on the phone. Apparently, Lavinia has fled to Rosamia's home, and Rosamia is calling to let Barbara know that Lavinia is safely with her.

Barbara is pleased as she hangs up the phone. She tells Rita that Lavinia is smart enough to ingratiate herself with Rosamia -- it's the sure way for an upcoming singer to be noticed by all the right people.

Rita tells her Lavinia isn't thinking of her career at all. The only reason Lavinia is only with Rosamia is because she wants to escape from Barbara.

Barbara tells Rita she's got some nerve talking like that. Barbara says if she's such a horrible mother, why has Rita not left home yet? After all, Rita is not contributing anything, and she's just another burden for Barbara.

Rita is unable to respond.

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