Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 2.3

Barbara, Lavinia, and Rita are at a mall, and Barbara reminds her daughters that they should stick to the plan exactly.

Lavinia asks her mother to reconsider the plan, and Rita says what Barbara is asking them to do is embarrassing.

Barbara tells them that they'll both be in big trouble with her if they don't do as she says. She tells them both to go to their respective places. Rita and Lavinia part ways and pretend to not know each other.

As Lavinia walks along, Rita pretends to be a fan and starts to excitedly scream Lavinia's name, drawing the attention of passersby.

Soon there is a group of excited fans gathered around Lavinia asking for autographs, as Rita hands out copies of Lavinia's cd.

Barbara is standing a short distance away with the reporter Oscar, and she tells him to seize the opportunity while there are still a lot of people.

The reporter approaches Lavinia and her fans with a camera, and Rita quietly slips away to join her mother. Oscar asks everyone in the group to pose with Lavinia, as Barbara and Rita watch from the sidelines.


Barbara, Lavinia, and Rita are in the offices of the LaCalma Recording Company, when they bump into one of the Public Relations people, Precy. Barbara greets her and introduces Lavinia. As they enter, Barbara greets everyone they meet, even though no one is paying any attention to them.

They pause in the hallway and Barbara instructs Lavinia to go see Larry and thank him for producing her concert. She hands two bags to Lavinia, saying she should give the puto and suman in the bags to him.

Rita quickly gets the bags from Lavinia, saying it's too embarrassing to be giving Larry puto and suman. Barbara tries to stop Rita, and in challenge, asks Rita if she doesn't want Lavinia's career to move forward.

Rita responds that Lavinia's career will move forward because she has talent, not because of puto and suman. Rita also tells Barbara that her stage mothering only serves to turn people off.

She tells Barbara that Lavinia's career will pick up faster if she just leaves things well enough alone.

Lavinia agrees with her sister, and gently tells her mother that Larry may become annoyed if Barbara is always tagging along wherever she goes. Barbara says nothing, and Lavinia takes this to mean that she agrees.

Lavinia leaves to go see Larry, and Barbara threateningly tells Rita that if she (Rita) doesn't want to be in showbiz, that's up to her. But she should never try to poison her sister against their mother.

Rita tries to tell her mother that if anyone is poisoning Lavinia's mind, it's her... but Barbara interrupts her and tells her to shut up.

Barbara grabs the bags of puto and suman, and walks up to the various employees of the recording company, asking them if they've had merienda. Rita can do nothing but watch her mother as Barbara gives the food to the staff.


Barbara is once again disatisfied with Lavinia's performance as she rehearses "Miss Na Miss Kita" in their home. As she hurls continuous streams of verbal abuse at Lavinia, Rita appears.

Rita tries to get her mother to stop, and the scene quickly becomes a shoving and shouting match.

Lavinia finally screams that she has had enough and walks out, prompting Barbara to scream threats after her.

Barbara and Rita exchange glares, before Rita finally walks out of the room as well.


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