Saturday, April 14, 2007

Carla in Abt Ur Luv -- Epi 20

Episode Title: Saturday Takutan

This blog entry contains episode highlights related to Carla's character, Brenda.


Everyone's finally back on the road and heading home again.

Stick is driving one of the vans and they decide they'd like to stop for something to eat. Bill, who is driving the other van, decides to just keep driving since they're only 30 minutes away from home.

The two vans are separated when Bill makes a turn and Gens loses signal on the cellphone that Mao lent him. The two groups try to call each other, but are not able to get through.

The van driven by Bill arrive home soon after. Everyone alights from the van, happy to be back home: Gzel, Bill, Hillary, Lieu, Gwen, Mao, Nelle, Ahmad, Brenda, and Yaya Ciana. Brenda says goodnight to everyone and enters her home, while the rest go to look for something to eat.

Later that evening, Brenda is sitting in the living room at home, leafing through a magazine when she finds a photo of herself and Celine inserted in the pages. She is about to tear the photo in half when Hillary enters and stops her and takes the photo from her.

Brenda asks her to throw it away, but Hillary says it would be such a waste.

Hillary sits down and tells Brenda she got the impression that her sister had already given up Stick when she let Celine ride in the same van with him.

Brenda admits that she has given him up, but explains to Hillary that it doesn't mean she wants Celine as a friend again. She quietly says she doesn't even want to see Celine again, nor does she want to keep Celine's photo. She asks Hillary again to throw the photo away.

Hillary sadly gets up and leaves the living room. Alone, Brenda stares off into space as she cries silent tears.

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