Saturday, April 28, 2007

Next loveteam to watch

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By: Remy Umerez

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April 28, 2007

WHERE physical appearances is concerned, Victor Basa and Carla Humphries look great together. The two talents of Star Magic were featured in last week’s episode of Abt Ur Luv entitled “Patak Patak Tuesday”. [CF's note: Actually, they weren't.]

Carla has been around for quite sometime and with her statuesque beauty, she might just qualify to join a beauty pageant. Her delivery of the Tagalog language, however, needs more improvement.

When asked whether Victor is courting her, she said she has no idea. Hindi ba nagpaparamdam, we asked her again and Carla replied as if she doesn’t even know the meaning of the word. But friends (not great friends maybe) they absolutely are because they are being formed as a love team.

Carla has French blood and hopes to continue learning how to speak French.

We first met Victor at the Island Cove in Cavite City where ASAP was taping a summer special. We inquired about the huge tattoo on his arm. “I regret having this tattoo done on my body. As you can see, medyo burado na. It will require me a few more sessions para mabura ito completely,” he says.

What prompted him to have a tattoo in the first place?

“Wala lang. I guess, napagaya lang sa aking kabarkada. I don’t want to feel left out kaya nagpa-tattoo ako and believe me, it was very painful. Thanks to laser at hindi gaanong masakit ang pagpapatanggal nito.”

Victor’s adolescent years was full of angst but he would not tell us in detail the many insecurities he felt while growing up. As part of therapy, he wrote essays on these during his high school days.

One of Victor’s greatest fears is to be rejected. This is probably the reason why he is not courting Carla or any other woman for that matter. When queried about his sexual preference, the lanky former student of De la Salle College firmly said, “I am sure of my masculinity”. We suggested that he could do the courting through texting where his fears would be lessened.

Another fear of Victor is not being able to portray a role in the most effective manner. “I froze when I first faced the cameras. After undergoing an acting workshop ay nabawasan na ang aking kaba. Acting is totally a new experience for me and I am trying to be very positive about the whole thing. It is now my bread and butter and I want to last longer in this business.”

A woman who has wit is what Victor goes for. We wonder whether Carla would fit the description or not. [CF's note: Click here if you're also wondering.]

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