Saturday, April 21, 2007

Carla in Abt Ur Luv - Epi 21

Episode Title: Patak-Patak Tuesday

This blog entry contains episode highlights related to Carla's character, Brenda.


The barkada works together to raise money to replace the stolen van. The guys are washing cars, while Neri and Gens are joining a dance competition. The others hold a yard sale and sell food and baked goods.

Brenda is in the living room, rushing to put her things together. She asks why Hillary and Josh didn't wake her earlier. Hillary explains that she was distracted preparing food to sell as part of their fundraising.

Brenda finishes straightening out her things, and rushes out of the house just as Neri and Gens arrive.


Brenda arrives at an art class, to find her students already all there waiting. She apologizes for being late and starts instructing her students to get their pencils and erasers out. She is still giving out instructions when she notices that Celine is sitting at the far end of the class.

She sits down looking at her table, and looks uncertainly at Celine.


Later, Brenda goes around the class and compliments the work of her students one by one. Celine tries to show Brenda her work and asks for feedback. Brenda tries to ignore her, but Celine insists on getting Brenda's attention.

Brenda finally takes Celine's sketchpad and asks the class for their feedback. They all laugh at Celine's drawing.

Discouraged but not ready to give up, Celine asks Brenda to explain to her how she can improve her drawing. When Brenda says it can't be improved anymore, Celine flips the page on her sketchpad and says she can start on a new page, on a clean slate.

Brenda quietly tells her that it's not going to happen (it's obvious they are both now talking about their friendship and not the drawing). When Celine insists that nothing is impossible, Brenda challenges her to draw better than one of the other students.


Brenda is at an exhibit of her student's art works when Celine arrives with a new drawing. She shows it to Brenda, who reluctantly admits that it's a good drawing. She asks Celine if she's really the one who drew it. She asks Celine not to lie to her, because she knows that Celine can't even draw a straight line. Celine admits that Web drew it for her.

Brenda quietly tells Celine that she appreciates her effort, but that this doesn't change anything because they can't be friends anymore. Her trust has been broken. Celine walks away in tears.


At the end of the day, Brenda takes down the drawings from the exhibit, including Celine's drawing. She stares at it for a moment, before she takes out her phone, and smiles. She turns off the lights of the exhibit area and leaves with Celine's drawing.

Later that night, everyone is together at one of the neighborhood hangouts. Neri and Gens are no longer participating in the dance competition, but Gens says there's no reason why they shouldn't perform after all their practices.

Neri notices that everyone except Celine is there, and calls to check on her. Celine is lying in bed when she answers her cellphone. She asks Neri if Brenda is there, and says she's sure Brenda won't want to see her anyway. Neri hangs up the phone, but she's determined that things will work out in the end because she believes friendship will prevail.

Gens calls everyone's attention and they start performing, much to everyone's enjoyment.

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