Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Qpids: Episode 1.3

In today's Qpids episode, Carla talks about the safari experience -- nung una kasi, wala talaga akong clue. Papunta na kami sa jeep -- parang... bakit may bars?! Tapos sabi ni Cholo -- magpapakain tayo ng tiger! Ako naman (di naniwala) -- ay, ewan ko sa 'yo...

While on the safari bus, Carla becomes worried for the safari employee who is feeding chickens to the wild tiger. As the tiger jumps against the side of the jeep, she yells, Manong, yung kamay niyo!


CF's note: Carla and Mikel are separated in this episode. Carla is in the first batch that went on the safari. Mikel was placed in the third batch.

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