Monday, May 16, 2005

Carla and Janus on Showbiz #1

Carla Humphries Loren and Janus del Prado were in-studio guests at today's episode of Showbiz #1.

Hosts Dominic Ochoa and Toni Gonzaga, together with showbiz reporters Lisa Andaya (The Buzz Magazine and Bulgar) and MJ Felipe (Remake and ETK) interviewed Janus del Prado, Carla Humphries Loren, Jerome Sala, and Vhong Navarro.

During the segment devoted to Janus and Carla, MJ Felipe asked: Now that you're going to be in a reality loveteam search, are you prepared to have a boyfriend or girlfriend who is also in showbiz? Some people don't like that since they say it's too public.

There was a lot of laughter, then Janus finally replied: Ayos lang... Hindi ako nagsasalita ng tapos kung gusto ko o ayaw ko.

Janus was also asked why he agreed to be part of Qpids when, unlike other cast members, he's not new to showbiz. Janus replied -- "Bakit hindi? It's a privilege to be part of the show, and I've worked with Direk Lauren before in Gmik".

Toni remarked at that point -- I think I know why Janus agreed to be in Qpids... if your loveteam partner will be Carla Humphries, how can you say no?

Janus replied -- Actually, it's not sure yet that she'll be my partner, it all depends.

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Jacee said...

I think when they appeared here in Showbiz #1, Carla's final loveteam is Janus na...I mean alam na nila na sila na ang mag-loveteam!