Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Qpids: Episode 1.2

It's now Carla's turn to choose her prince charming, and when she steps forward on stage, she says: "I'll be giving this bear to someone who's not as fat as the bear. Actually, he's the opposite of this bear! I chose him because he makes me laugh. And I'm comfortable with him. And he knows my mom! (laughs) Also, he already chose me because I'm tall and no one else is as tall as I am here." Then she turns to her prince charming and jokingly says, "Ano nga name mo?!" and it's Mikel!

Mikel steps forward and in his interview, he reveals that when he heard Carla say her prince charming was "matangkad" and "payat", that was already the punchline. That was my comfort zone. I was thinking -- Thank God!

Mikel joins Carla then escorts her to the back of the stage.

Watching them, Luis comments: parang may tension and attraction. Anne also remarks: parang aso't pusa sila!

The next morning, the 9 pairs are on the Love Bus on the way to an unknown destination. Carla and Mikel spend the time sitting together at the back seat, singing and jamming.

Mikel is smiling in his interview when he says: Nandun lumabas ang first burst ng ka-weirdo-han ko...

Carla in her interview says: Kumakanta kami at sumasayaw kami... at kumakanta pala si Mikel! Nag-ja-jive naman...

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sueellen said...

WOW great scaps and summary!! Great job too sis!! keep up the great job ur doing here and in qpids!! Kilig naman ako k mikel and carla! hmmmmm parang i cant chose which one i like for carla now! heheh i jst have to see janus first b4 i do decide which one to vote!!