Monday, May 16, 2005

Carla on Homeboy

The Qpids Princesses were the guests at Homeboy today, in an episode entitled "Kapag tinamaan ka na ni Qpids".

During the first part of the show, host Boy Abunda asked the Qpids Princesses their opinions on a number of questions, including: "Is it okay for a girl to make the first move?" and "Which would you prefer in a relationship -- that you love the guy more, or that the guy loves you more?"

After a lively exchange of ideas, each of the Princesses were paired with two guys from the live audience. Each of the ladies asked the two men a question, and she had to choose one of them to be her "loveteam-for-the-day" based on their answers.

Once the eight loveteams were formed, each pair was requested to perform for the audience, and most kaka-kilig pair would be declared the winner. Carla and her partner performed a duet to the song "Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang?"

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