Friday, May 27, 2005

Qpids: Episode 1.5

The Pictorial. It's Carla's turn to have her pictorial with Cholo and Janus. They were asked to pose with a baby cayman crocodile.

Carla: Excited ako sa animal. Kasi diba, saan ka pa makakahawak ng ganun? So ako, talagang kinuha ko at linalaro-laro ko.

Janus: Hindi naman takot si Carla eh... yun ang okay dun. Kasi nahihirapan ako, hindi ako makahinga eh. Higpit ng kapit niya sa leeg ko eh. (makes a face)

Cholo (while watching them): Hindi bagay. Hindi kayo bagay. Mas bagay kami. Parang hindi ka artista...

Carla: Comfortable naman ako sa kanila kasi kalog naman kaming lahat. Tingnan nalang natin kung kasing kalog nila tayo. (laughs)

The Final Pictorial Results

Mr. Qpido's Choice. Night has fallen, and the entire cast is gathered in front of a campfire as Direk Lauren walks forward.

He says -- Today, you had an opportunity to bond during our LOVEntures. You all got a chance to get to know each other better. And while all this was going on, I was studying and observing you to see who would be suitable as your partners.

Direk continues -- As I said before, just because you like a person, it doesn't mean they would be suitable as your loveteam partner. Sometimes, it's just gut feel -- the gut feel of a director who thinks a pairing will work. So now, I will reveal my choices, with the Blue Bear -- Mr. Qpido's choice.

With Mikel and Carla standing in front, Direk Lauren says: For Love Princess Carla, my personal choice ay si Prince Charming... JANUS!! (the cast cheers in response).

Luis (voiceover): Astig ni Janus! hahaha!

Carla during her interview: Feeling ko may... parang... pwedeng ma-develop sa amin... na parang magic.

Direk explains his choice: Masarap silang panoorin, kasi masaya silang tingnan. Kalog sila. Barok ang dating ni Janus. Wacky si Carla, on the sosyal side.

Janus: Sobrang positive-negative kami. Yung sobrang magagandang traits nasa kanya, lahat ng negative sa akin (laughs).

Luis (voiceover): Parang beauty and the beast. Bagay!
Anne (voiceover): Parang tayo!

Direk asks Mikel: Are you threatened?

Mikel: Yes, I'm threatened. Because Janus for me is the ultimate rival.

Carla: Two different worlds sila eh. Si Mikel, medyo manly tsaka mestizo siya. Tapos, si Janus naman... kalog, laidback.

Luis (voiceover): Mukhang mahihirapang pumili si Carla.


leikela said...

Thanks so much, CF! All your hard work is very much appreciated. Hehe.

CF said...

Hahahaha! It's my pleasure, LJ!! It's people like you who make it worth the effort. :D