Thursday, May 26, 2005

Qpids: Episode 1.4

After the safari, Mr. Qpido had another task for the Princes and Princesses. They were led to another part of the zoo, where they were told that each princess will have a pictorial with two princes of Direk Lauren's choice. The results of the pictorial will help Direk Lauren narrow down his final choice for each princess.

Direk Lauren's choice for Carla's pictorial partners are Janus and Cholo.

Direk Lauren also assigned Mikel, whom Carla had picked as her prince charming the night before, to be one of the pictorial partners of Paw.

Anne (voiceover): Eh si Love Princess Carla? Selos kaya over Mikel?

Carla (during interview): Okay lang naman. Akala lang kasi namin yun na yun eh. (flashback to bus scene) So okay lang...basta... ibalik lang niyo siya sa akin. (laughs) Joke lang... (laughs)

CF's Note: Carla's pictorial scenes will be in tomorrow's episode.

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joy said...

i love carla and mikel!!! sila ang bear ko!!! hahaha