Monday, May 30, 2005

Qpids: Episode 2.1

The Race of Hearts. In this race, the charmings must compete for the opportunity to have an exclusive date with their Love Princess. The loser of the race becomes the alalay of the princess and her winning charming.

The race starts at Nabasan beach, then moves to the Jest Camp, and then returns again to the Nabasan beach. At each of the three stops, there is a LOVEnture that the Charmings must complete. The first LOVEnture is a measure of Strength -- the Love Combat.

The Love Combat. In this test, competing charmings are taken offshore where a beam is floating on the ocean. The charmings must get on the beam and use jousting sticks to throw their opponent off balance. The winning prince can then claim a rose from the end of the beam and return to shore, where he must give the rose to his princess to obtain instructions for the next step. The loser gets a 5-minute penalty and must wait in the water by the beam before claiming his rose and returning to shore to get the next clue.

Carla's two charmings, Mikel and Janus are rowed out to the beam on a bangka, and after they've taken up their positions, Anne gives the cue for them to start. Mikel swings at Janus almost immediately, but Janus parries the attack with his hand, then hits Mikel in the face with the padded end of the jousting stick.

Mikel recovers and swings at Janus, but eventually loses his balance and falls off the beam. Janus swims back to shore with his rose and claims the instructions for the next step from Carla, while Mikel waits out his 5-minute penalty in the water.

Carla: Yung mga prince charming... medyo naging hindi charming... dahil nagsalpukan sila...

Janus: Naghahampasan kami ng mga higanteng cotton buds. Tapos, tinamaan ko siya sa face. Tapos sabi niya -- #@$@! ka! Tapos nung natamaan ko siya sa face, nasira daw yung shades niya.

Mikel: Janus himself gave the signal to start the jousting. So I went for the first strike.


The Ride to the Jest Camp. Mikel and Janus are now both in separate vans racing towards the Jest Camp.

Anne (voiceover): Kamusta naman ang nagkakapikunan na si Mikel at Janus?

Janus shows the cameraman a wrist injury, which he apparently sustained when the unpadded portion of Mikel's jousting stick had hit his wrist.

Mikel in turn accused Janus of cheating, and demanded that Janus replace the sunglasses that he had lost when he butted Mikel in the face.

Anne (voiceover): Ay... mukhang ayaw ni Carla ng nagkakaganyan.

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sheena said...

masbagay sila ni janus at carla dahil ang cute nilang tignan dahil nagpapatawa lagi si janus kay carla><><><