Friday, September 22, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 19.5

A staffer greets Dorina, Rita, and Jack as they arrive at the rehearsal venue. Dorina learns that she arrived just in time because Lavinia just wrapping up her own rehearsals.


Rita rushes to Dorina's side and asks what Lavinia has said to upset Dorina so badly. Dorina is crying too hard to answer.


Zossimo enters the rehearsal area to find Dorina and Rita together. Rita is trying to give her something to drink. Dorina is calm now, but almost lifeless. Zossimo asks her what Lavinia said. Dorina says quietly that it doesn't matter. Zossimo says that's a good attitude -- in one ear, out the other.

Dorina says she's tired. She's tired of crying. Tired of singing. Tired of dealing with Lavinia. She says her mother needs her right now. Dorina stands up and collects her things, preparing to leave.

Zossimo asks her what she means. Dorina says she's backing out of the concert. Rita and Zossimo are shocked.


At home, Rita tells Barbara that she really feels sorry for Dorina. She says she doesn't know what Lavinia has told her, but it's like Dorina has been drained of all energy, all life. She no longer has the will to fight. Barbara asks what this means, whether or not the concert will still push through.

Rita says as far as she knows, Dorina is the only one who backed out, so Lavinia will still be performing. Barbara sits quietly for a moment, then says Lavinia's dream will come true at last -- she will be the number one singer.

Rita says that may be true, but Lavinia will have achieved her dreams the wrong way -- through intrigues, through foul play. She may have caused Dorina to back down, but she hasn't proven that she's the better singer.

Barbara says that if truth be told, Lavinia could have achieved all this without resorting to all these underhanded schemes. Rita agrees that Lavinia is certainly talented enough, unfortunately, Lavinia herself tends to forget this.


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