Thursday, September 07, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 17.4

At the Arguelles home, Lavinia happily reads the front pages of tabloids. The headlines proclaim her as the next box office queen, and highlight the return of the Sensational Star. As Rita walks past her with a laundry basket, she shows Rita the tabloids and says Dorina is no match for her now.

Rita does not acknowledge the tabloids. Instead, she asks Lavinia to grant her a favor. Lavinia, without waiting to hear the request, immediately says she has no money. Rita tells her she's not interested in money. She asks her sister to speak to their mother, because Barbara is depressed.

When Lavinia hesitates, Rita pleads with her. Lavinia asks Rita what she and Barbara would have to discuss. Rita tells her that Barbara needs to hear that Lavinia has forgiven her. She tells Lavinia that only she can pull Barbara out of her depression. Rita says that if Barbara remains depressed and has another attack, she may never recover.


Lavinia enters the foyer just when Rita is coming down the stairs. Rita asks her if she has spoken to Barbara. Before they can answer, they hear a loud crash from Barbara's room.

Rita runs to the bedroom and opens the door to find Barbara lying still on the floor, the wheelchair toppled over on its side. She rushes to Barbara just as Lavinia appears at the bedroom doorway.

Rita frantically asks Lavinia to call the doctor, and has to repeat herself because Lavinia is still in shock. Lavinia runs back out of the bedroom.


Lavinia enters the hospital room with papers in her hand to find Rita packing, and Barbara sitting in a wheelchair.

She tells them that the hospital bill has been paid and that she has the discharge papers.

Quietly, Rita tells her that they do not intend to return home with her. Instead, they will be renting a small apartment elsewhere.

When Lavinia looks ready to object, Rita says they can't stay with Lavinia anymore because she will just throw in their faces all the mistakes that they've made in the past. If Lavinia keeps arguing with Barbara, their mother will not ever recover.

As Rita wheels Barbara out of the bedroom, Barbara reaches for Lavinia's hand and holds it to her cheek. Lavinia looks at her for a moment, but there's nothing more to say. Barbara lets go of Lavinia's hand, and Rita wheels her out of the hospital room.


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