Thursday, September 14, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 18.4

At the small apartment, Rita is in the living area while the private nurse is there working with Barbara when Lavinia and Larry arrive. Rita asks the nurse to give them some privacy, then asks Lavinia why she's come to visit.

Barbara asks Lavinia if something has happened, if there is a problem. Lavinia says she just wants to visit and see how they're doing. Rita is quick to tell Lavinia that they're doing fine, that Nico and Zossimo have not abandoned them.

Lavinia does not acknowledge the barb. Instead, she says she has also brought along tickets to the grand showdown. Barbara replies that they already have tickets from Dorina. When Lavinia looks disappointed, Barbara says it's okay, that she can still make use of them. But Lavinia is quick to reply that she'll just give them to the maids of one of their neighbors.

Rita is still suspicious. She asks Lavinia point blank why she came. Lavinia says she's done with the fighting and that she wants them to come back home with her. Rita turns to look at Barbara to gauge her reaction before turning back to Lavinia and saying that they're fine where they are. After all, she doesn't treat them like family, because she keeps reminding them constantly of what she's done for them.

Now angry also, Lavinia asks her just what it is they want from her -- isn't it that they want to be with her, that they want her to help pay for the expenses? She says she's willing to do all that and they shouldn't give her a hard time about it.

At her words, Barbara struggles to get up and Rita assists her. With tears in her eyes, Barbara tells her that they don't need Lavinia's help or her money.

Larry interjects at that point to say that they should accept Lavinia's offer, especially since she made the first move.

Rita tells them it's all the more suspicious that Lavinia has come and that Larry is here. They obviously want or need something. Maybe this is just a promotional gimmick. Lavinia doesn't acknowledge. Rita says -- you mean to tell me Oscar is not here with you? When Lavinia doesn't answer, Rita rushes to the window and looks outside. True enough, Oscar is out there waiting with a a videocam.

Disappointed and angry, Rita orders Lavinia and Larry to get out. She has to repeat herself a few times, but they eventually leave. Barbara cries at this latest evidence of her daughter's duplicity. Rita tries to comfort her.


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