Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 17.3

In Barbara's bedroom, Rita helps Barbara through physical therapy exercises to strengthen her left leg. After a few repetitions, Barbara tells Rita she should just rest since the therapist will be coming to continue her sessions.

Rita doesn't answer and repeats the leg exercises. Barbara stops her and asks whether or not the therapist is coming. Rita finally admits that they've run out of money and cannot pay for more treatements. At this news, Barbara cannot stop tears from rolling down her cheek.


Later that evening, Lavinia comes down the stairs all dressed up and ready to leave. Rita pushes Barbara out on her wheelchair to the foyer. Barbara calls out to Lavinia and wishes her luck on her movie premiere. Lavinia looks at her but says nothing before leaving the house.


A doctor makes a housecall to check on Barbara. He asks her if she's able to eat, and Rita responds, saying that Barbara can already taste salty food. Rita also says that Barbara can now move her left leg as well. The doctor says this is good news and advises her to continue exercising and try walking so she becomes less dependent on the wheelchair.

The doctor then pulls Rita aside and asks her what Barbara's disposition has been like. Rita worriedly says that Barbara's been depressed the past few days. The doctor tells her it's critical that Rita help Barbara get over whatever it is that's depressing her, because a positive outlook is critical to her recovery.


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