Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 17.2

Rita rushes into Barbara's bedroom, where Barbara is lying in bed feeding herself from a bed tray. She tells Barbara that Lavinia will be appearing on TV to promote her new movie. Rita turns on the TV just as Lavinia appears on screen, singing.

Barbara remarks with some surprise that Lavinia has a beautiful voice. Rita smiles as she continues to watch her sister and remarks that Lavinia's had a beautiful voice for quite some time.

Barbara turns her attention to Rita and watches as her daughter continues to admire Lavinia's performance. Quietly, she says -- I've been so busy looking upwards that I never noticed what was beside me, the beauty that's right in front of my face.

Barbara unsteadily raises a hand to touch Rita's cheek. Rita is surprised and asks if her mother is talking about her. Barbara says yes. She says she's always devoted all her energy, her care, and her attention to Lavinia, and that she's always ignored Rita, even criticized her. And now, Rita is the one taking care of her.

Tears roll down Rita's face as she assures her mother that she's okay with whatever was in the past. Barbara's own tears roll down her cheeks as she says -- the one person that I've always ignored is the one who's here taking care of me.

Rita brushes back Barbara's hair and in a voice choked by emotion, she says to Barbara that she's doing this because she loves her mother dearly.

Barbara says she has never said it before, but she too, loves Rita deeply. Rita is touched and cries happy tears. She hugs her mother tightly as Barbara hugs her back.


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