Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 18.3

Lavinia leaves Dorina in the dressing room and runs into Rita in one of the hallways at the studio. They both stop. Lavinia quietly asks Rita if she left their mother alone at home. Rita explains that they have a private nurse now, thanks to Nico and Zossimo, and that Zoni is helping so she can work again.

Lavinia acknowledges the explanation and is about to walk away when Rita adds -- we're doing okay, in case you're interested. Barbara's therapy is going well. She's getting better. Lavinia just nods and continues walking down the hallway.


At their small apartment, Barbara is now moving around the living area with a walker. She looks much better. Rita hovers beside her, complimenting her on her progress. The private nurse watches attentively from behind Barbara. Rita remarks that at her rate of progress, Barbara will soon be able to go shopping. Barbara says that would be a good thing because she's so bored staying at home.

Barbara reaches the other side of the living room and sits down for a moment to rest. Rita asks her if she's hungry, because she's prepared a lasagna dish. Barbara smiles and confesses that the smell of the food is making her hungry. Rita smiles and gets up to prepare a plate for her mother.

Unknown to Barbara and Rita, Lavinia pulls up in front of their apartment in a Mercedes. She gets out of the car and through the glass on the front door, she watches her mother and sister eating and laughing together. Inside, Barbara compliments Rita's cooking, saying that she's ready to get married. Rita laughs. Mother and daughter continue to banter over their meal, as Lavinia sadly watches them from outside. She finally turns and gets back into her car.


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