Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Carla in BWN - Episode 19.2

Lavinia wraps up the day's rehearsals for her concert. She instructs a staffer to have everyone come in for another rehearsal the next day. When the staffers says tomorrow is a Sunday, Lavinia says she doesn't care. She tells the staffer to instruct the band to arrive for rehearsals tomorrow.

Just then, Jack and Rita enter the hall and Lavinia asks them where their singer is, saying Dorina must be late and therefore unprofessional. Rita tells her that Dorina is not rehearsing today, and that the entire band was advised. They only stopped by to pick up a few music sheets.

Lavinia says Dorina is being over-confident if she's not rehearsing with the concert so near. She must think so highly of herself. Rita pointedly tells Lavinia that Dorina is not rehearsing because she has accompanied her mother to seek treatment, because her mother and her family are more important to her than her career or her concert.

Lavinia is at a loss for words. Rita and Jack walk past her towards the stage, but Rita cannot help but look back at her sister. Lavinia likewise looks over her shoulder at Rita, before finally leaving.


At home, Rita opens the door of their small apartment to find Lavinia standing there at the door. Rita quickly checks outside to see if anyone else has come. Lavinia tells her she came alone. She enters and kisses Barbar aon the cheek.

Rita asks her why she has come. Lavinia said she was just in the neighborhood so she decided to stop by. Rita tells her brusquely that they're just fine.

Lavinia ignores her statement and asks Barbara how her therapy is progressing. Rita interjects and answers that all is well, then asks Lavinia what she's doing here. Lavinia asks her if she needs a reason to visit her own family. Rita says that if they were talking about someone else, no. But since they're talking about Lavinia, then the answer is yes. She asks again what Lavinia is doing there. Lavinia says she just wants to repeat her offer for them to live with her back home.

Rita quickly says they're okay where they are. Lavinia asks her how they can possibly be okay when they're living in a place that's so shabby and there's no airconditioning. She says it's much like the house they used to live in.

Rita asks her what's wrong with their old house? They liked it just fine. And they're fine where they are now. Lavinia is now exasperated. She tells Rita there's no need to be this stubborn. If she simply said yes, then this discussion would be over.

Lavinia goes on to say that Rita may be contented with where they are now, but does she really think Barbara is happy being here? Rita asks her how she can possibly knows what Barbara wants when they've not spoken to each other for so long.

Before the argument between the two sisters deteriorates further, Barbara finally speaks up. She asks Lavinia what it is she really needs. She asks -- Do you need me? Do you need your family?

Lavinia pauses then swallows hard. Finally, she answers -- I don't need anything. I'm just doing you a favor.

Barbara's voice is filled with emotion as she says -- I pushed you long and hard to do what I wanted for so long. I forced you, strangled you. I don't want to do that now. I don't want to be a burden to you.

Tears stream down Barbara's face as she says to Lavinia -- I'm setting you free.

Barbara turns to Rita and says she wants to rest. Rita wipes away her own tears then wheels her mother out of the living room.

Lavinia watches them leave. She takes a moment to compose herself before she leaves the house. She gets into her car and cries as the car pulls away.


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