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Carla in Abt Ur Luv - Epi 02

Episode Title: Nagka bukol ka na ba on a Tuesday?

This blog entry contains episode highlights involving Carla's character, Brenda:

Gens tells his mom that Stick and Carla are now officially a couple (as we see flashbacks from Aling Tetay's despedida party).

On Tuesday morning, Josh and Hillary are bickering over homework when Brenda arrives at the dining room, followed soon after by Neri. Hillary complains to Neri that breakfast isn't ready.

Brenda gets a call from Stick, who tries to calm her down until he himself is distracted by his brother, Blue.

Brenda asks Neri into Josh's bedroom and tells her she needs to clean the room before Josh and Hillary get back from school. She then gives Neri a long list of chores, and says it's the least Neri can do since they had to "sacrifice" their Yaya Rosing because of her.

Brenda's mom gives Neri even more things to do just before she and Brenda leave the house.

Stick finds Brenda at the gym and the two exchange "I love you"s. They don't notice when Mich grabs the keys to Stick's apartment.

When Mich tells them both to stop the public displays of affection, Stick dismisses the remark, saying that Mich is really just moody, and that she's harmless.

Celine arrives at the gym and tells Brenda and Stick she feels bad because the receptionist at the clinic says Gens didn't even know her last name, birthday, or address.

Brenda and Stick exchange looks, as Celine goes on to say that Gens never took the trouble to get to know her. Brenda says it's possible that the receptionist was just exaggerating.

Later, Blue visits Stick to ask for his keys; Stick realizes then that his keys are gone.

Brenda comes home in the afternoon and freaks out when she finds Neri cleaning up a soapy mess in the kitchen.

Later that evening, Josh panics when he comes home and can't find his men's magazines in his bedroom after Neri has cleaned it. Brenda arrives at Josh's bedroom to complain to Neri about the state of the kitchen.

Hillary arrives as well and asks Neri about the items she needed from the drugstore. Neri finally can't take it anymore and lets out a scream which shocks her cousins.

Neri tells her cousins that when she arrived at their house, she thought she would be accepted as family and not be treated as a maid. She tells them it's a good thing she knows her place now.

Later that evening, Brenda's family sits down to dinner when Neri emerges from the kitchen dressed in the maid's clothes. Josh finds it funny, prompting Hillary to tell him to be quiet. Their mother doesn't know quite what to say. Brenda seemed bothered.

Later that night, Mich lets herself into Stick's apartment with the keys she stole. Stick turns in his sleep and accidentally hits her on the head. She whispers that she loves him, and that at least she has a little "remembrance."

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