Saturday, December 16, 2006

Carla in Abt Ur Luv - Epi 04

Episode Title: Wishful Friday

This blog entry contains episode highlights involving Carla's character, Brenda:

Brenda is on the phone with Stick, encouraging him in his efforts to teach Blue a sense of responsibility. She jokingly says it's almost as if he has a son to raise now.

Hillary and Josh leave the living room and Brenda asks Neri to inform her mother (Sonia) that they had to leave. Neri asks Hillary if they can come home early because she's making pancit.

Brenda starts to ask why and if it's Neri's birthday, but Hillary calls for her. Brenda rushes out, telling Neri they'll be back later.


Later that night, Josh, Hillary, and Brenda come home to find their mother in the living room.
They learn that it was their Uncle Marvin's birthday, prompting Brenda to ask where Neri is. Sonia tells her children that Neri's already asleep since she's going to Simbang Gabi later.

The kids assure Sonia that they've been helping Neri with the household chores, and also learn the good news that Gen's mother, Perla, is back from Italy.

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