Friday, December 29, 2006

Carla in Abt Ur Luv - Epi 06

Episode Title: New Year's Eve (Sunday) Pasabog

This blog entry contains episode highlights involving Carla's character, Brenda.

At home, Brenda is getting instructions from her mom over the phone when Celine arrives. Celine apologizes to Neri, but couldn't help but ask if Neri is attracted to Gens. Surprised, Neri asks her if she's crazy, but doesn't deny it. Brenda hangs up the phone and Celine has to leave with her to go to the mall before Neri can give a real answer.


In the car on the way to the mall, Brenda asks Celine why she wants to be Neri's friend, especially since she was so jealous of her just a week ago. While Celine protests that her intentions are pure, Brenda laughs and quotes The Art of War: Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.


Later that day, Josh is sitting at the dining room with Neri, telling her it would be great if she would seduce Gens so Celine would be free to be with him. Just then, Brenda and Celine arrive with shopping bags. Celine presents a gift bag to Neri, saying she wants them to be good friends.

Watching Neri accept the gift, Josh sees his hopes of a Neri-Gens relationship evaporate, and leaves. When Celine asks if there's something wrong, Brenda agrees that it's strange Josh isn't hanging around Celine like he normally does.


Later that night, everyone is milling around outside their homes to enjoy the firecrackers as it approaches the midnight of the New Year.

Mich watches Brenda and Stick from behind a tree.

Everyone gathers on the street and counts down the seconds to the new year as fireworks explode in the air.

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