Saturday, December 23, 2006

Carla in Abt Ur Luv - Epi 05

Episode Title: Give Love on Christmas Monday

This blog entry contains episode highlights involving Carla's character, Brenda.

The gang is busy with preparations for their Christmas party when Brenda and Celine arrive to check on their progress.

They go through a checklist: invitations, decorations, lights, and stage set-up. Just as Brenda turns to look at Stick, he looks up at her and blows her a kiss.

When Celine sees this, she remarks that Stick is so different from Gens. Up to now, Gens hasn't even noticed that she's there. She confesses to Brenda that she sometimes doubts he still loves her.

Brenda suggests that Celine "test" Gens by doing something to make him jealous, since jealousy is the sure sign that Gens still cares for her. Celine immediately rejects the idea, but she can't help but wonder if such a "test" will work.


Later, Gwen, Celine, and Brenda return to the Smith home to find Josh sampling the food that Neri is preparing for the party. Josh then springs the bad news: the choir that Brenda has hired for the party won't be able to make it.

Brenda immediately panics, and the girls try to calm her down. Neri comes in from the kitchen and suggests that she find substitutes for the reenactment and play a CD for silent night.

Brenda calms down a bit, but still worries about the role-playing. She asks Gwen to consider being Mary, but Gwen backs out. Celine and Neri likewise say no.


Later, Brenda goes to see Hillary and informs her that she will have to play the role of Mary. Hillary tries to object, but Brenda uses the "big sister" card to get her to accept.

Bill quickly approaches Brenda and volunteers to be St. Joseph. Brenda agrees and asks Bill to attend their dress rehearsal later.


Later that afternoon, Brenda and Gwen are excited about the monito-monita revelation at the party because Gwen's admirer will be revealed. Brenda asks Gwen how she would feel if it turns out that her admirer is someone who's not her type.

Gwen says she wouldn't mind if it were Mao, since he's smart and charming. She also finds Ahmad hard working and charming. Just then, Lieu enters and almost trips, prompting the girls to giggle. Gwen says it can't possibly be Lieu since he's too shy to have revealed his feelings.

Just then, Stick arrives and tells Brenda that he and his brother Blue have argued.

Gwen tells him she would have wanted to have her family with her this Christmas, and tells Stick he should be thankful that his brother is there. Brenda and Stick exchange looks, then Brenda finally advises Stick not to think about it for now.


Stick is up on a ladder working on the lights with Brenda and Gwen when Celine suddenly runs past them, with Gens chasing after her.

Concerned, Gwen asks if Celine was crying... Brenda replies that she's not sure. She is about to go check on Celine when Blue arrives with a new problem -- Bill and Hillary have argued.

After she gets over her shock, Brenda asks Gwen to go check on Celine, then accompanies Blue to her home. Stick runs after them. Ahmad and Mao realize that their brother Bill is involved and chases after them as well, leaving the party venue deserted.

With no one else around, someone dressed in a Santa costume appears -- it is Mich, and she would like nothing better than to make Brenda's party a flop.


At the Smith home, Bill is nursing a bruised head, while Hillary reveals that Bill has been heckling her and even stole a kiss. Ahmad and Mao grab Bill and drag him home, just as Josh enters the house and tells Brenda that their things for the party are now missing.


Later, Brenda is anxious just before she opens the party and apologizes for the way the venue looks.

Mich smiles, pleased with her handiwork. But when Brenda says she hopes that the Spirit of Christmas is still with everyone, they quickly applaud to show their support.

The party continues as Brenda calls Hillary, Rickson, Vince, and Gens forward to reveal his monito or monita.

Her own monito is Stick. After giving him his present, she then calls Gwen, but her monito does not reveal himself. Brenda quickly says that the person probably hasn't arrived yet, so they will try again later.

Brenda then introduces the reenactment. It starts well, but the lights suddenly overload and the place goes dark, causing everyone to panic.

Brenda tries to assure everyone that things are fine, but she's in despair and tells Stick that she's ruined.

Just then, a homeless man rushes in with his pregnant wife. She is about to give birth and he asks for help. Lola Conching steps forward and says she can help. Brenda sends all the guys outside and grabs a tablecloth. Soon, a baby boy is born.

Just then, Mich notices a star shining brightly up in the sky and points it out. Everyone turns to take a look. Neri starts to sing Silent Night and everyone joins in the singing as they gaze up at the star.

Touched by the spirit of Christmas, people who have spent the day arguing ask for each other's forgiveness, including Blue and Stick.

The episode ends as Celine silently wishes that everyday was like Christmas.

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