Sunday, July 03, 2005

Carla and Janus on Qpids Qties

Carla&Janus were with three other Qpids pairs (Jill&Alwyn, Pauleen&Gian, Hazel&Mhyco) to represent the Qpids Qties at this week's Fanatic Allstars in a futuristic-themed production number.

CF's Note: During Fanatic Allstars, the hosts announced that the winner of the competition was Star Magic Batch 13 (Get Groovers).

Photo courtesy of our Qpids Blog Field Reporter, Margaux.

However, later that same afternoon on The Buzz, the Qpids Qties (Alwyn, Jill, Gian, Janus, and Carla) appeared to say that the wrong winners had been announced -- and that the judges' scoring sheets show that the Qpids Qties are the real winner! Way to go!!!


Many thanks to Margaux for sending these Behind the Scenes pics from Fanatic All-stars

A close-up look at the heavy make-up used for their production number.

The JaRla Labsteam after removing all the heavy makeup.

Alwyn, Janus, and Carla being interviewed by Wazzup Wazzup about the Qpids Qties' winning performance on Fanatic Allstars

1 comment:

Jacee said...

Finally, they've won...(dapat pangalawa na ngayon :p)

They did a very good job and nashock talaga ako nung iannounce na Get Groovers ang nanalo.

Sana magtuloy-tuloy ang panalo nila!! :)