Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Qpids: Episode 7.2

Carla and Janus are now on the MRT, but before long, they realize that they've lost their way and have to ask for directions.

Janus: Naligaw tayo.

They finally manage to get on the LRT but they still have no idea which way to go when they exit the station.

In their interview, they are laughing as they talk about having to ask for directions.

They board a jeep and while they are on their way, Carla strikes up a conversation with the elderly man seated next to her and asks for directions.

They eventually disembark from the jeepney and find a tricycle driver who can take them to Binondo Church. Carla is able to negotiate the price down to P20.

When they arrive at the fountain area in front of the Binondo Church, it becomes obvious that they are in 4th and last place. Together, they read the clue.

They take the kalesa as ordered but before going into the noodle house, Janus takes a few moments to beg for more money.

As the episode ends, they are shown leaving for the noodle house, where Andrea and Dominic are still waiting for their turn.


Jacee said...

Well, di ko pa napapanood...mamaya pa *frown*

Oh Golly pie...nahuhuli ang JaRla! Sana makaabot sila sa ibang pairs.

Sa isang screencaps sa LRT parang nakayakap si Carla kay Janus...or nakaharap lang?? :D

May napanood akong commercial yesterday ng QPIDS?? It says JaRla nag-aaway??...something like that!

CF said...

Hi Jacee! Hope you were able to catch the episode today. :D

Oo nga... they're still last in the Binondo Loventure as of Episode 7.3... but they did a great job in the final version of the kilig-sena.

Yes, it looks like Carla is hugging Janus, or at least holding onto him sa LRT. Teehee.

About the commercial -- I haven't seen that one! Maybe it's from when they're acting out their kilig-sena? Don't think I've seen them fighting so far. :)

Anonymous said...

i really loves the team up of janus and carla.they were both great as a love couple. puro sila kalog at talagang hindi ka ka magsasawa na panoorin sila.....iba ang team up nila di pareho sa ibang love team na puro kasweetan. sila ay sige lang ng tawa.hahahahaha........flor of bohol

Anonymous said...

i love talaga the team up with janus and carla they are meant for each other talaga.for me they are the best love team ever.go.................guys

Anonymous said...

i love carla and janus love team

d best
from:aira of bohol

Anonymous said...

d best sina janus at carla

from:caroline of bohol

Anonymous said...

go.jarla u can do it

Jacee said...

CF...yeah i think sa kilig-sena lang iyon!!