Monday, July 04, 2005

Qpids: Episode 7.1

The week opens with scenes from last week's cliffhanger Heartbreak Night, and we finally learn that Karel and Gabb are the weakest loveteam for Week 6.

As Karel and Gabb share their last dance, we see Carla and Janus watching their video and sadly awaiting the end of the song so they can go commiserate with their friends.


The China (Hong-pin) Loventure

After Heartbreak Night has ended, and the ABS-CBN Studio has been emptied of its studio audience, hosts Anne and Luis meet the remaining 7 loveteams on stage, to announce their next Loventure, where the loveteams will get to go to China!

After the cast's initial excitement dies down, Anne and Luis explain the twist -- the top three loveteams will fly to Hong Kong, China while the four remaining loveteams will get to visit Chinatown in Binondo. LOL.

Unfortunately, even though Carla and Janus are currently ranked #2, they will not be able to join the others because Janus' passport is not yet ready. So Carla and Janus will stay in Manila and join the Chinatown group, while Pauleen and Gian will get to go to Hong Kong in their place.

The next morning, all four Manila loveteams meet at ABS-CBN and gather together at what appears to be the rooftop to collect the gear and clues that have been prepared for them. Together, they all open their clues and read them out loud for the cameras.

The clue reads: Pumunta kayo sa fountain area sa harap ng Binondo Church at hanapin ang clue box na may Bear Flag. May 100 pesos lang kayo for this race kaya gamitin ng mabuti.

They also find Qpids jackets and caps, an umbrella, a backpack, and they are told they're not allowed to use their cellphones during this LOVEnture.

All the teams race to the elevators and each team is given free hand to choose their preferred mode of transportation to get to the Binondo Church. Janus and Carla decide to take the MRT.

While waiting for the ride, Carla used the opportunity to beg for money from their fellow commuters to add to their P100 budget, since there were a lot of people and most of the people there had money with them.

The episode ends with scenes from all seven loveteams at various points on their way to their first stops, and it's anyone's guess as to who will be the fastest to complete the first leg of this Loventure.


Jacee said...

well, thanks for the summary CF at least alam ko ang nangyari kanina..buti na lang you can provide some screencaps parang napapanood ko na rin :D

How I wish na ipalabas na nila ang QPIDS at sana lang iyong episode para bukas ang I-air nila para di naman kami nahuhuli..

CF said...

You're welcome, Jacee! hehehe!

I hope they air tomorrow's episode also dun sa inyo... para may ka-kuwento naman ako. hahaha!

Jacee said...

I hope so...*cross fingers*

OO ba kwentuhan tayo..hehehe!!

Jacee said...

This like AR di ba?? I LOVE AR!!!

Nakakatuwa naman, Carla is begging some money just like in the AR..hehehe

OO nga naman , 100 pesos is not enough kahit gaano mo tipirin..ang mahal pa naman ng pamasahe ngayon LOLZ

CF said...

Hahaha! Yes, it's EXACTLY like Amazing Race, which is my all-time favorite reality show! Hahaha!

kheng said...

wow grabe!! thnx tlg CF ha!! eventough d k np2nood ung ibng episode stil updated me kse u always provide us some of d details!galingan nyo ni Janus, will support u ol d way!!! Gudluck!!! You have a long way to go!kse d nyo lng np2kilig ang mga fans but u also make them laugh!!bgay n bagy ku, u do have dis chain of chemistry, no dull moment kpg kyo ang pinapanood!!!hope na makakwentuhan kta soon.. thanks a lot!!!

10:45 AM

CF said...

Hi kheng! I'm glad you're getting your updates here. :D

Siyempre full support tayo for the JaRla Labsteam!

Please remember to vote for them, ha? Text votes count more than PLDT votes daw eh -- so just send to 2366: "QPIDS 4 Yourname, Youraddress"


Anonymous said...

hey there! favorite ko yung loveteam nyo ni janus ksi hndi kau yung tipong puro pa cute lng ang ginagawa on-screen.. sana manalo kau!

Anonymous said...

sana kau na ang maging #1 sa qpids!!!! go JARLA!!!! -maze-