Thursday, July 07, 2005

Qpids: Episode 7.4

Carla and Janus arrive at LGA Fast Foods and together they read over the script of their next kilig-sena, then order a bowl of frog soup.

While waiting for the soup, they sit down together to rest. Janus wipes Carla's nose with a towel, and she in turn wipes his with her hand.


The Kilig-Sena

When the soup is ready, they act out their kilig-sena. In this scene, "Pinky" has found a job at a fast food place and is dismayed to see "Raymond" come in. She tells him that she had lost her job at the noodle house because the son of the owner didn't like her.

"Pinky" then asks for his help in selling a bowl of frog soup to customers, and Raymond agrees.

Together they approach a customer seated at a table and try to convince him to take the bowl of soup.

"Raymond" launches into a long litany on the benefits of eating frog soup: Sir. Alam niyo po, para maging healthy ang inyong pangagatawan, tulad ng pangangakatawan ninyo ngayon, kumain lang kayo ng frog soup. It's very low in cholesterol and has natural fibers that are good for your health.

Unfortunately, the customer is not convinced, and he leaves the eatery.

So "Raymond" and "Pinky" make their way to another table. "Pinky" challenges one of the customers to prove that he's man enough to eat frog soup, while "Raymond" gives another customer a free massage to convince him.

Finally, one of the customers agree, and a grateful "Robert" gives him a hug.

They receive their 6th and final clue, which instructs them to return to the 13th floor of ABS-CBN.


Together, they leave the fast food place, and Janus strikes a deal with an FX driver to bring them back to ABS-CBN for P300.00 (wow!).

While on the FX, they introduce themselves and tell the driver that they're with Qpids. Both of them look exhausted, but Janus still finds the energy to jokingly say that if he finds out there was cheating on this race, he will file a blotter with the council. LOL.

Finally, they arrive at ABS-CBN and rush up to the 13th floor, where they find the three other loveteams waiting with Direk Lauren.

Direk Lauren is smiling as he tells them they are the last team to arrive at the pitstop, and that as a result, they will be given a bit part in the kilig-sena as a "texting couple". They all share a laugh when Janus jokingly says it looks like the other teams never even left the building.

In their interview, Janus admits that they really lost their way and that as a result, they finished last. He expresses admiration for the other teams, especially Andrea and Dominic, who had apparently never commuted before.

Finally, Carla says she's glad they ended up not going to Hong Kong, and that she would prefer staying in Manila with Janus, because Hong Kong would not have been fun without him.

Janus responds with: "Awwww.... Manzano!" To which Carla laughingly replies: "Nipster!" LOL.


Kheng said...

although u r d last labteam who arrived in abs, stil for us u r d no.#1.u did very well!! eventough u r tired still u can make d setings calm & jolly, lhat kmi ng frendz ko reli enjoyed watching both of u!!. no wonder, direk laurenti is great coz he chosed a labteam dat brings glow & hapiness to der fan... Go JARLA Go.......
Will support u ol d way....Im hapi kse sunday mpa2nood k ng ang qpids..lgi kse kmi ng-away ng oficem8 ko d2 s t.v. at least now i m free to watch u guyz...

GUD LUCK.. i know u & janus will survive in QPIDZ...

to all abs-cbn & staff of qpidz CONGRATZZ for having a reality show like this, with qpidz we've met JARLA....WE LOVE YOU>>>>JARLA

9:27 AM

Jacee said...

I can't wait to watch this episode!!
Base sa summary and the comments in PEX...its full of kilig and laughter!!


Jacee said...

Kapapanood ko lang yesterday ito (7/11/05). :p

Katuwa nakita ko sa tv ang JaRla ng Monday!! hehehe

I hope ipalabas nila iyong complete episode ng friday mamaya.

bartskee said...

I VOTE JANUS AND CARLA FOR Qpids LOVETEAM!-bartskee of new york,u.s.a.