Friday, July 08, 2005

Qpids: Episode 7.5

In this episode's opening sequence, we are told by host Luis (voiceover) that we will see the complete kilig-senas of all 7 loveteams, as well as the final ultimate kilig-sena.

As Anne says (voiceover): Magpapatalo kaya ang ibang extra lang? -- we see a short clip from the ultimate kilig-sena (with Paw & Mikel and Jill & Alwyn).

As the two lead couples perform their scene, Carla and Janus are running around them, chasing each other. LOL


When the Binondo kilig-sena scenes were shown, we see a new part of JaRla's noodle-house performance.

In this segment, "Pinky" pushes "Raymond" aside and takes over the task of rolling out the dough for the noodles, much to his annoyance.


Back at ABS-CBN, everyone is preparing for the ultimate kilig-sena. Since Carla and Janus only have a bit part as the "texting couple", they are fairly relaxed while preparations are underway.

In their interview, Janus describes their bit part -- "Parang Lovers in Paris... ayun... diba? Small role lang, pero napaganda naman."


CF's Note: Half-way through today's episode of Qpids, the show was pre-empted by breaking news, so we only saw the first part of the ultimate kilig-sena.


Jacee said...

Sana ipalabas nila bukas iyong kilig-sena....unfair naman na pinalabas sa TFC while dito sa Pinas hindi.
Okay lang na naputol kasi importante naman iyon...but sana pakita pa rin nila!

We didn't see the Lover's in Paris na supporting role lang ang JaRla base sa sinabi ni Janus ..okay naman ang naging output.

Di rin sila mahihirapan sa bit role nila na mapansin ng mga audience. Ang galing nga nilang mang-agaw ng eksena base sa screencaps...naghabulan daw ba!! LOL

CF said...

Hahahaha! Oo nga eh... And did you notice Mikel's reaction? He was laughing so hard that he had to look down and cover his face. LOL.