Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Qpids: Episode 7.3

As Carla and Janus make their way to the noodle shop, they continue to beg for money to supplement what they have.

When they get to the noodle shop, Janus welcomes everyone to "Cooking with JaRla" as they both work on the noodle batter. LOL. Janus then learns how to use the long rolling pin.

They run through the script a couple of times, and Carla at first has some difficulty with her lines.


The Kilig-Sena

Eventually, they are ready and they perform their 'kilig-sena' featuring the characters, Raymond and Pinky.

Raymond is the son of the owner of the noodlehouse where Pinky works. In the script, Pinky criticizes the way Raymond is preparing the dough, not knowing that he's actually the son of the owner.

"Raymond" ignores the remarks of "Pinky", and in a huff she says tells him she's just trying to be helpful because the son of the owner, Sir Raymond, will be arriving later.

"Raymond" asks her if she knows the son of the owner, and she replies by claiming that "We're close, we're very close".

"Raymond" derisively says "Close kayo?!" while holding his hand up with two fingers crossed, and "Pinky" makes a face at him in response.


Having completed the kilig-sena, they are able to finish making their noodles and get the instructions to their next stop.

They are told to proceed to a cluebox with the Bear Flag marker located a couple of blocks down the street.

They learn that they must proceed to LG Fast Foods, which is their third stop for this loventure.

As the episode ends, we see scenes from tomorrow's episode, when all the loveteams are racing back to ABS-CBN to complete the final leg of the race.


CF's Note: This week's China Loventure occupies 4.5 episodes (half of Monday to Friday). Heartbreak Night will be taped on Thursday, July 7, but will be aired on Sunday, July 10.

Also, beginning next week, Qpids moves from its current Daily format to a Weekly format, with episodes airing on Sunday afternoons after Fanatic Allstars.


Jacee said...

Di ko mapapanood iyong HBN sa will be aired here sa Monday pa!

So that's means mauuna ko pang mapanood ang episode sa Sunday kaysa sa Friday. how sad.... :(

Sana nasa RED HEART ang JaRla this 3rd HBN!!

Kheng said...

hi cf!! is it true dat ur format will be move on sunday?



kheng said...

u know wat, ur JARLA labteam is reli cute tlga!! everybody is hapi watching u..

CF said...

Hi kheng -- yes, it's true that they'll change to a weekly format.

You can find more details here: Click the link