Saturday, July 16, 2005

JaRla Labsteam on ETK

The Qpids Loveteams appeared briefly on today's episode of Entertainment Konek, in the Sweet-TK segment of John Lapus.

Sweet interviewed each loveteam on different items.

JaRla's interview went like this:

Sweet: Sina Carla at Janus, na na-i-intrigahan na 'bad boy' daw, dahil nakipag-away ito kay Mikel Campos sa isang episode ng Qpids.

Janus: Kung galit ako, totoo ang pinapakita ko. Hindi ako nahihiya.

Sweet: May message ka ba kay Mikel?

Janus: Pataba ka. (laughs)


Jacee said...

I've waited for the interview from the start. Goodness gracious! Pinalabas nila ito, malapit ng matapos ang ETK!

Its really short but at least ang interview per loveteam at di group.

Carla is very beautiful( well lagi naman):)

Kung si Carla naka-sleeveless, si Janus naman balot na balot! hehehe

CF said...

Haha! Oo nga... had to wait until the very end of the show -- by that time, I ran out of space and wasn't able to record it... so had to use ABS CBN Now to make the screenshots.

I was hoping the interviews would be a bit longer, but I guess they edited it down to the minimum required to air something. :D

Oo nga -- jacket, sunglasses, and cap -- balot na balot si Janus. hehehe!