Sunday, July 31, 2005

Qpids: Episode 11.0

This is Episode 11 of Qpids, which features Part 2 of the Qpids Drama Loventure: "I Love You To Death" and the 4th Heartbreak Sunday. The episode summary for Episode 10 is also available.

CF's Note: this entry only contains scenes that are related to Carla or Janus.


I Love You To Death, Part 2

In the continuation of I Love You To Death, Carla and Janus finally figure out how to leave the bathroom when the power returns.

We see Paw and Mikel together in a room just as Carla and Janus enter. For a moment, as the two couples see each other, the situation is awkward. Paw is the first to approach Carla and asks her how she feels.

Carla says that she really felt hurt and stupid because of the situation.... but that the pain she felt upon learning of Paw and Mikel's relationship was nothing compared to the pain of losing Isabel.

She says tearfully that she doesn't want to lose another best friend. She holds her arms out to Paw and says "Bessie..." and the two girls hug each other.

Janus after a brief pause then turns to Mikel and says "Messie... you look messy..." and hugs Mikel, who is taken aback and doesn't quite know what to do. LOL.

Carla then tells Janus to knock if off... and chases him around the room a bit.

When the laughter dies down, Carla hugs Paw again, and Janus gives Mikel five.

Finally, everyone is gathered together in the living room with the police interviewing them. It's a confusing conversation as everyone tries to explain what happened to the police officer.

Another policeman enters the room and says that there are security cameras at the house. Carla belatedly remembers the cameras just then, and apologizes to everyone for not thinking of it sooner.

Everyone moves to the next room and gathers around a TV screen. When the policeman asks if the group is really ready to watch this, Janus responds on their behalf, saying yes.

As the group watches the video, we learn that the deaths of Isabel and Felix was caused by a simple drowning accident.

After playing the tape, the police tells them that there won't be much of an investigation, and that all they'll need are their statements, which they can give at the police station. The group thanks them and watches as the two police officers leave, holding hands.

Mhyco asks the group's permission to leave, seeing as he had nothing to do with the deaths of Isabel and Felix. Just before he leaves, though, he asks for payment for his pizza.

Janus angrily gets up from his chair and asks how Mhyco could be thinking of payment at a time like this... and just as everyone is quiet, Janus says: "Joke lang... magkano nga ba?"

Everyone agrees to leave together, and as they all stand up, Alwyn suggests that they all share a group hug, which they do.

In the epilogue, we learn that Carla's parents forgive her for having a party at their rest house without their permission... and that she and Janus end up together as a couple, and start a business selling beautifully appointed bathrooms!


4th Heartbreak Sunday

Luis opens the 4th Heartbreak Sunday proceedings by introducing the members of the Love Council for this week.

  • Multi-awarded actress, TV director, acting workshops expert, and soon to appear on ABS-CBN's upcoming teleserye Vietnam Rose, Ms. Gina Alajar
  • A popular teenstar during the 1980s, together with her loveteam partners Ramon Christopher and Anjo Yllana, and last seen on ABS-CBN's Spirits, Ms. Lotlot de Leon.
  • Last but not least, a man who needs no introduction... Starmaker extraordinaire, Mr. Qpido, Direk Lauren Dyogi.
Each loveteam was asked to step forward to listen to what the Love Council has to say about their performance.

Lotlot: Alam mo, kayong dalawa, you remind me of William (Martinez) and Maricel Soriano. Kasi, very light... yung chemistry ninyo is very good... and the way you go with yung comedy... like si Janus... tapos si Carla nasasabayan. So maganda. Isang komediante at parang isang nagtataray.


Later in the show, it was time for the Love Council to reveal whether JaRla would go to the Red Heart or the Blue Heart.

Gina: Siguro patok kayo or magiging successful kayo as a loveteam dahil meron kayong dating. For now, pasok kayo sa Red Heart (safe).


When Jill and Alwyn are told that they're safe for the week and can join the other four loveteams at the Red Heart zone, we see Carla and Janus hugging them.

We also see them later with Dominic, after it is revealed that DomRea is the weakest loveteam, and will be eliminated.

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